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Leftovers-stuffed chicken

This is less a recipe and more a list of leftovers I stuffed into chicken thighs today, for our supper tonight. As I never throw any leftovers away, I always have things in the fridge I can make a delicious stuffing (or quiche filling) out of. Cooked rice, half a pack of Boursin, a chopped red onion, 2 cloves crushed garlic, a few snipped sundried tomatoes in oil, salt and pepper, some grated carrot from last night, a tablespoon of pesto. I could also have added capers, chopped gherkins, fresh or dried herbs (but the pesto is enough probably here – other herbs would fight with it). Other good leftover additions would be a few tablespoons of bearnaise or “brown sauce” as the Swedes call it. It comes in a packet as a powder and you mix it with hot water, I think (the au pair makes it – I keep well away from the stuff).

Recipe: Leftovers Stuffed Chicken


The principles of leftover stuffing are: you need:

  • A carbohydrate (rice, breadcrumbs, mashed potato and I’ve seen it done with leftover pasta)
  • A herb (here pesto, which is basil)
  • Fat (oil from the sundried tomatoes. Plus boursin is about 30% fat, I am guessing)
  • Veg (healthy and it bulks the stuffing out cheaply – here carrots. You could use chopped peppers, aubergine even)
  • Onion or shallots or chives or spring onions (for savouriness and piquancy)
  • Moisture (could be bearnaise, leftover gravy, creme fraiche, cream, even milk)
  • Seasoning – sea salt and black pepper are always important

There’s probably something else but you will experiment I am sure… Chicken thighs, incidentally, have more flavour than breasts so I always choose them for preference especially the boneless, skinless variety as they are lower in calories. If you like crispy skin, then go for it. But the stuffing is so flavourful here you won’t notice the lack of skin, I think.


  1. Lay the thighs out on a board and spoon tablespoons of the stuffing on top.
  2. Then either lay facing up on an oiled baking tray or roll up, securing by wrapping parma ham on the outside or with a cocktail stick.
  3. Cover with foil and roast for about 45 minutes at 180 degrees celsius (uncovering towards the end to brown the tops)
  4. Serve with salad (I am having a feta, tomato, red onion and herb salad with a balsamic dressing) and a carb if you want it i.e. potatoes, baked or boiled/mashed.
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