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“Look After My Bills” will make sure you’re never ripped off on your energy bills for free

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With the announcement that British Gas is raising its prices, and with more of the big six expected to do the same, now more than ever you need to make sure you’re getting the best energy deal for you.

Look After My Bills is a new service which will switch you to the best deal automatically so you save £250+ every year, are never hit by price rises, and on top of that, it’s completely free.

All you have to do is sign up – which takes around 2 minutes –  and Look After My Bills will carry out extensive research of the market to find you a top deal with a reliable energy supplier. They’ll then switch you over taking care of everything. After that they’ll keep checking for better deals, so as soon as your current deal comes to an end they’ll sort you out a new, better one, and you don’t have to lift a finger. No more hours spent calling up companies or sitting on price comparison sites.


Who are they?


Trustpilot review

Look After My Bills launched in January 2018 and have already had five thousand sign ups. They’re rated 9/10 on Trustpilot and have been featured on the BBC, LBC and in numerous papers from the Sun and the Telegraph to the Evening Standard. They’re an offshoot of barnstorming switching site The Big Deal which has 400,000 members and is a giant when it comes to getting the best deal for customers in energy and broadband. They’ve saved their members £125 million in total and they really know their onions when it comes to energy switching!


How much can you save?

The five thousand members who have signed up so far have saved on average £253 a year on their energy bills. 60% of people in the UK have never switched their energy supplier and are overpaying by £200-£300 a year. it’s this problem which Look After My Bills will solve for you immediately upon sign up, without any of the hassle of having to do the research yourself.


How does it work?

You give Look After My Bills just a little bit of info (it’s a 2 minute sign up). They find you the best deal, switch you to it, then switch to a better one when your deal runs out. You save hundreds. A lot of energy suppliers are cheeky and give you a good deal in your first year, which then sky rockets when the deal renews, Look After My Bills get around that problem by simply scouting for a better deal and switching you over just as your original energy supplier wants to charge you more. Getting the best deal takes time and energy, but this way all that time and energy is put in by Look After My Bills, while you don’t have to spend a minute thinking about it. That’s a pretty sweet deal.


What about if you want to stay green?

You may be worried about the environmental impact of your energy consumption and want to make sure your energy comes from a green provider. Look After My Bills have you covered in that area too. You can select a “green energy deals only” option, so they’ll find you the best 100% renewable energy deal, at absolutely no extra cost.


Get £20 for you and a friend

If you want to spread the word about Look After My Bills you’ll be able to earn some extra cash too. If a customer gets a friend to sign up, both the existing customer and friend will get £20. And with a deal as great as this, we can see your whole friend group switching in no time, so be the first to sign up!


is it really that simple?

Yes! Henry de Zoete, the co-founder of Look After My Bills, describes the firm as a “wealth manager for the ordinary person”. Good on you, Henry. He says: “People using Look After My Bills can outsource this part of their personal admin forever. So they’re constantly saving and never have to worry about being ripped off again.”

We honestly think this is a game-changer. There are tons of price comparison sites out there, but Look After My Bills offers you way more – they do everything for you, not just the research, but the switching too. And we repeat, they do it for free! We know a good deal when we see one, and this certainly is one of those.


What about my internet and phone bills

Look After My Bills are looking into it. The end goal is to make all systems fairer for the consumer: insurance, banking, internet, phones. Get on board with this movement now and reap the benefits in the long run.

Click here to sign up.



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Henry De Zoete (co-founder/owner of Look After My Bills) was the Senior Digital Director of Vote Leave, who worked directly with AIQ, the Cambridge Analytica affiliated company that Vote Leave used to break the law and therefore he is one of the key people being investigated by the police for the electoral scandal. Many people believe that anyone involved in such a huge misuse of data, should be prevented from being involved with any company handling private data in the future or at the very least until the police investigations are concluded.

Katharine Bisset
Katharine Bisset

Not a hundred percent sure this is a good scheme as have not heard of them but by all means happy to look into it more. I have been with Scottish Power for a few years and my gas/elec meters are always more expensive to say the least. I use more because I cannot seem to get a job on universal credit so wonder if this company will actually save me more?
Worth a phone call to fin d out I think.

Simone Lee

l always use a comparison sigts

Marie Cooper

My local council (Norwich) runs a Switch and Save scheme for energy. Under the premise that the larger collective of people that can be mustered, then the more leverage there is to negotiate for better energy prices than we can as individuals. It’s quite a good scheme as they find the cheapest energy suppliers and then if you are likely to save money by swapping suppliers, they arrange it all for you. People who are stuck on pre-payment meters are also eligible.


That sounds really good

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