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Mar 23

Look Fabulous Forever

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Tricia Cusden, Look Fabulous Forever

Tricia Cusden, Founder, Look Fabulous Forever

I am told that, once we ladies get a bit older, “normal” make up doesn’t really work on our skin any more. It clags and slides off our faces. Or looks too harsh, as our drier skin won’t hold it. I haven’t encountered this yet, and this is because… I am too young! At least according to the founder of LookFabulousForever.com Tricia Cusden (see pic, she looks amazing, guess how old?*). She’s developed a range of make-up/cosmetics (not skincare yet) for the no-longer-21’s (typically her customers are aged 55 and up). I’ve tried a few products, which are very reasonably priced, such as a creamy/powder blusher (£18.50) which is a “cream to powder formulation” available in Peach Cream or Rosy Glow (depending on whether you have warm or cool tones in your skin). Incidentally, maybe we do only need 2 colours of blusher – warm or cool! As a general rule of thumb, if you don’t know whether you’re cool or warm, check if you’ve got more yellowy or more pinky skin. Yellowy is warm, pinky is cool. Sorted. Who needs colour consultants? Actually I can’t recommend colour consultants enough – check out HouseofColour.co.uk or ColourMebeautiful.co.uk , to find a consultant near you. You’ll never look back and never (well, less often) buy clothes that are just the wrong colour for you.

Look Fabulous Forever products

Look Fabulous Forever products

Back to LookFabulousForever.com and I’ve also tried their Fabulous Light concealer/highlighter (£20.00), and I’ve got their primer Fabulous Prime (£17.50) – which Tricia says is the key to “make older skins turn back the clock to behave like younger skins”. It acts like a barrier and “smoothes open pores and fine lines and leaves skin feeling soft, matte and visibly younger… ensures that your make-up stays put for longer… your makeup will last all day and will need the most minimal amount of touching up. Apply after moisturiser.” Who doesn’t want that?

Plus the packaging is gorgeous, a sort of eau-de-nil and silver. And you could easily give them as gifts, as they’re not called “anti-ageing”, so you’re not implying the recipient is old (in the past, I’ve given VERY expensive anti-ageing creams/serums etc as gifts and I always feel bad – even though it’s a great gift!). Tricia says she’s deliberately NOT labeling or marketing her products as “anti-ageing” because ageing is natural and a good thing! Anyway, you can order everything online and they’re very quick to deliver so check it out.

Plus, and I must mention this, I’ve got a BIG BIRTHDAY this week, and I’m feeling a bit conscious of ageing. A bit wobbly. So, just saying. It’s good to think there are great products out there, that will keep us looking fabulous forever.

*Tricia won’t mind me saying – she’s 67!!

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