Aug 15

Loose tea is definitely cheaper than tea bags

Yes, talk about ground-breaking research! I have now conclusively worked out that loose tea is cheaper, mug per mug, than tea bags…as if you didn’t know already. I know, I know, I should get a life…

Well, humour me!

I was in the supermarket a few weeks ago and I was about to buy some Earl Grey tea bags (Earl Grey is my favourite tea with Lapsang Souchong a close second) when I caught sight of the loose tea version.

Now, I’ve been thinking for a while that I should go back to loose tea. It’s what I was brought up with – always tea made in a pot for the whole family – and I had a feeling it was better value as well as being better flavour (you can never tell what they really put in tea bags!)

So I thought I would conduct a piece of scientific research on this important subject.

1) I checked the weight and price of the teas. At Tescos, a 125g box of loose Earl Grey costs £1.96 and a box of 125g tea bags (50 in a box) costs £3.38.

2) I bought the loose tea and dug out a tea strainer. I also put a pen and notepad next to the kettle (yes, I’m that sad).

3) Then every time I had a mug of tea I made a note. It took a while but I can tell you that a 125g pack of loose tea made me 51 mugs of tea.

So, I had 50 mugs of tea for £1.96 which would have been £3.38 if I’d had the tea bags (which I usually do have). Of course, if I’d done it in a teapot each time I could probably  have had even more mugs/cups out of it.

Aha! Looks like I’ll definitely need to get back to loose tea. It’s a better taste anyway.


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