Aug 15

Loose tea is definitely cheaper than tea bags

Yes, talk about ground-breaking research! I have now conclusively worked out that loose tea is cheaper, mug per mug, than tea bags…as if you didn’t know already. I know, I know, I should get a life…

Well, humour me!

I was in the supermarket a few weeks ago and I was about to buy some Earl Grey tea bags (Earl Grey is my favourite tea with Lapsang Souchong a close second) when I caught sight of the loose tea version.

Now, I’ve been thinking for a while that I should go back to loose tea. It’s what I was brought up with – always tea made in a pot for the whole family – and I had a feeling it was better value as well as being better flavour (you can never tell what they really put in tea bags!)

So I thought I would conduct a piece of scientific research on this important subject.

1) I checked the weight and price of the teas. At Tescos, a 125g box of loose Earl Grey costs £1.96 and a box of 125g tea bags (50 in a box) costs £3.38.

2) I bought the loose tea and dug out a tea strainer. I also put a pen and notepad next to the kettle (yes, I’m that sad).

3) Then every time I had a mug of tea I made a note. It took a while but I can tell you that a 125g pack of loose tea made me 51 mugs of tea.

So, I had 50 mugs of tea for £1.96 which would have been £3.38 if I’d had the tea bags (which I usually do have). Of course, if I’d done it in a teapot each time I could probably  have had even more mugs/cups out of it.

Aha! Looks like I’ll definitely need to get back to loose tea. It’s a better taste anyway.


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Quite correct. Although an easier way might be to look at the bulk price on the shelf. After reading this article I saw that. Tea bags were £14 a kilo! A rough guess is that tea bags have about two normal teaspoons worth of tea. My one litre teapot makes nice cups with three spoons worth vs three teabags for the same quality. I get three mugs


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