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Make money and save money every day in August

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Can you believe it’s already August? Don’t worry if the weather takes a turn for the worse as we have 31 super ideas for you to make money and save money – one for each day of August.

Friday 1 August: Make money selling Avon products. 

Young Avon lady applying makeup to potential buyer

Being an Avon ‘lady’ isn’t just for yummy mummies now. More and more men are getting into selling cosmetics around the neighbourhood and now Avon is targeting graduates who are struggling to get jobs in the current economic climate. If you’d like to run your own business and have an interest in cosmetics, check out our guide to becoming an Avon seller here. You can even save money on products yourself as you’ll get a lovely discount!

Read more here.


Saturday 2 August: Make money with your app idea.

App creating app on phone

In 2012 the carboot sale app; Shpock was released which allows you to put your items for sale online and, unlike sites like eBay, doesn’t charge any fees. It is now big enough that it has its own TV adverts!

Do you have an idea for an app you’ve been mulling over, but wondering if you have the right skill set to develop one? Even if you’re a complete technophobe you can have a go at the app-making industry and maybe even bring in a tidy profit.

Click here for our complete guide to creating your own money-making app.


Sunday 3 August: Make and save money from your garden.

Man gardening

No matter how small your garden may be, you can earn a sweet mint this summer with some of our clever garden ideas and money-making plans. From using the soil for growing saleable produce to renting your garden for private functions, there are loads of ways to earn pretty pounds from those lovely petals.

Here are a few tops tips on how to make money from your garden.


Monday 4 August: Retirement savings. 

Senior couple doing finances on a laptop

Whatever age you are there are simple steps you can take to plan ahead for a rich retirement. You’ll probably have about 20 years of retirement so the earlier you plan ahead the easier it’ll be to have the lifestyle you want.

Take a look at our ideas here.


Tuesday 5 August:  Make money collecting Chinese snuff bottles. 

Vintage glass Chinese snuff bottles

The price of good-quality Chinese snuff bottles has shot up in recent years thanks to the growing knowledge of collectors. Get yourself some know-how on these trinkets and you could discover a fun way to make extra money on the side. People collect all sorts, so if you don’t like the sound of collecting snuff bottles then we’ve got some great alternatives. Make money collecting Ladybird books, Bakelitewhiskeyfilm and music memorabiliacomicsBarbie dolls1980s mobile phones and even Elvis Presley memorabilia. Can you turn your collecting obsession into a money-making opportunity?


Wednesday 6 August: Have a cheap picnic. 

Summer picnic in a field

With the kids off school a nice picnic in the countryside or the local park might be just the thing to keep you and your family entertained. Picnics don’t have to be costly at all, which is why we’ve put together this handy list of cheap picnic products so you can have the best picnic at the cheapest possible price.


Thursday 7 August: Want to make money right now?

Young women showing cash in the air

If you want to make money right now check out our ten top ways to make money fast, with the least amount of effort possible. This is our most popular article EVER on so you’re sure to find something that takes your fancy.

Click here to see all ten easy money-making ideas.


Friday 8 August: Make money from the Disney vault.

Disney vault graphic

With the kids off school you might be thinking about buying a few Disney films to keep them entertained. There is also, however, a way to make money buying Disney movies. Disney only release their classics for a limited period of time before they are ‘put back in the Disney vault.’ As they become harder to find people are willing to pay more to buy them. This means you can buy a copy relatively cheap then sell it on a few years later at a profit.  Just remember to buy two so you’ll have a copy as well!

Find out more about making money from the Disney vault.


Saturday 9 August: Invest in gold. 

Invest in gold

Gold prices in the UK have reached their lowest level since August 2010 which means that now could be a really good time to buy. If you’re wondering what to invest in and are considering gold we have five options to suit everyone, from the novice investor to the more experienced buyer.

Find out more here.


Sunday 10 August: Save on travel money. 

Foreign currency notes

Exchanging travel money at the airport has always been a ‘no-no’ as they typically offer low exchange rates and take a high commission. You’re not alone if you head straight to the nearest ATM instead, but you might not actually be getting a better deal.

Click here to find out why you could save a whole lot more on your travel money.


Monday 11 August: Teens and kids can make money too. 

Teens holding cash

Although making a few quid here and there can be easy if you’re under 18, making money can be difficult without the advantages of work experience or other factors such as a driving licence. To help out those who do want to make some extra cash – whether it’s saving for a big purchase or holiday, or simply to earn extra spending money – we’ve come up with some great ways for under 18s to earn a bit of cash.

Take a look at our ideas here.


Tuesday 12 August: Have a zero-spend day.

Locked purse

On the 12th and 13th of August, Plymouth will be holding its 18th British Firework Championships where six of the country’s top pyrotechnic companies battle it out. It is absolutely free to attend meaning you and your family can watch the best fireworks in Britain without spending a penny. There are many ways you can keep yourself entertained without spending so why not live for free today? Believe us, it can be done! We’ve got 50 fabulous ways to get by on nothing at all, even if it’s just for one day.

Take a look at our 66 ways to live for free here.


Wednesday 13  August: Save money on travel by volunteering.

Woman volunteering in Africa

If you love travelling and want to help others then this is for you. Volunteering while getting away from your regular day-to-day routine can be a great way to see the world while doing something positive such as benefiting deprived communities or helping the planet. Working might not be everyone’s idea of a relaxing holiday but there are plenty of choices about the type of volunteering you can do, how much work’s involved and where it’s taken.

Here are some ‘doing good’ holiday ideas for you!


Thursday 14 August: Make money from your home.

Red model house

Your home is a treasure trove for generating some extra cash – you just need to know where to look.

Take a look at our nine-step guide for everything you need to know.


Friday 15 August: Freebies galore.

MoneyMagpie freebies

We’ll show you how to get:

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Saturday 16 August: Save on car insurance. 

Hands covering/protecting toy car

Cheaper car insurance is something any driver is keen to get hold of. One way to cut your car insurance costs is to prove that you’re an excellent driver by doing an advanced driving course. If you pass and improve your driving skills you can get cheaper car insurance and save a lot of money.

Here are a few improvement courses you can take.


Sunday 17 August: Make money looking like someone else. 


Amy Winehouse Lookalike Merante Tamar van Amersfoort)

Merante Tamar van Amersfoort, official replica of singer Amy Winehouse


Ever been told “you look just like that person off the telly”? Think you could deal with people gawping at you for hours on end and pestering you for a photo all day? Well, with a new wig, the odd prop and a bit of make-up you could be making big bucks for regular work as a lookalike.

Click here for our guide to this fun money maker.


Monday 18 August: Save on Bank Holiday outings.

Family on a day trip

It’s only a week until the Bank Holiday so you must plan now in order to save money. Whatever the weather, there are lots of things you can do to have fun on the cheap. We’ve found you a host of ways for you and the family to spend the weekend without delving too deep into your pocket – in fact some of them won’t cost you a penny!

Take a look at our Bank Holiday ideas here.


Tuesday 19 August: Entertain the kids for less.

Family day out at the zoo

With only a few weeks left until the kids are back to school you might be struggling with ways to entertain them without breaking your bank balance. Find all the latest special offers and freebies to save you money on family attractions and days out in our special guide. If the weather takes a turn for the worse it’s not always easy to get the kids out of the house, so we’ve also got some ideas to keep them entertained whilst staying warm and cosy!

Here’s our essential article.


Wednesday 20 August: Save money on cleaning products. 

Cleaning products

Cleaning products – we can’t do without them can we? But cleaning supplies are notoriously expensive – and they can contain as much as 90% water! Once again, clever marketing has tricked us into buying expensive and potentially harmful cleaning solutions. Trust us, the same result can be achieved by cleaning with natural products. So if being green is important to you or you just want to save some cash, here’s how you can make your own cheap, effective and green cleaning products.


Thursday 21 August: Back-to-school savings. 

school stationary in miniature trolley

It’s nearing that time of year again. Whether you’re an old hand at preparing your kids for the new school year or a nervous mum about to pack your little one off to school for the first time, you’ll have started thinking about getting them kitted out with everything they need. Fortunately, MoneyMagpie is here to help you find it all for less.

Take a look at our guide to kitting your kid out for less.


Friday 22 August: Make money from your postcode. 

Senior couple sat on their front step

Need to earn some extra money? You can make money from where you live – whether you’re in the country or a town. See how you can make money from your postcode here.


Saturday 23 August: Earn money and save at the same time. 

Happy couple putting money in piggy bank

Over the bank holiday weekend Cardiff Harbour will be hosting the extreme sailing series. It is completely free to watch and guests can enjoy live music and continental markets. If you feel inspired maybe sailing is something you should be looking into. Are you tired of sitting in an office all day, yearning for a more thrilling career? Or maybe you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to university? If you have a passion or interest for sailing you could be earning money and saving on tuition by joining the yachting industry. Read more here.


Sunday 24 August: Make your own healthy lollies. 

Mint homemade ice lollies

Wimbledon Park will be holding its first Fantastic British Food Festival over the bank holiday weekend. It will be free to attend and will feature a range of cookery demonstrations, children’s cookery workshops and talks from a variety of food and drink experts. If you’d like to save money then check out our food columnist Sarah Lockett who loves to try out all sorts of money-saving family food ideas. For example, find out how to make the easiest, healthiest ice lollies in the world. A great treat for kids to make and they are cheap too.


Monday 25 August: Bank Holiday money maker.

Woman getting feedback from friends

If you plan on relaxing on the couch this Bank Holiday why not make some extra cash from the comfort of your home? Paid online surveys can help you make money, so if you have some free time why not fill in a few online surveys and earn some quick cash? It’s simple, effective and you could also win cash prizes every now and then.

Take a look at the sites we recommend here.


Tuesday 26 August: Save money by doing winter things in the summer. 

Adding isulating tape to a window

Preparing your house for winter in summer might seem a strange thing to do but it is actually the best time to do it. In the summer there are some great deals around which should help you save money.

Find out more about doing winter things in the summer.


Wednesday 27 August: Text and earn. 

Person texting on a smartphone

Are you a general knowledge freak? Do you love looking things up online? You could be using your knowledge to make £10 an hour answering questions that people send in by text. Find out how to make money working for a text service here.


Thursday 28 August: Grow your money.

jars of coins growing

Don’t let your financial fears ruin your retirement – you can invest and make money for your old age. You can find safe investments and good money-making ideas if you know where to look. There are some simple principles you can follow year on year which will help you make the most of the money you have and stop you being conned into losing it.

Here are ten of the best ways to grow your money.


Friday  29 August: 50 money-saving holiday tips.

Piggy bank on the beach wearing sunglasses

Do you want the ultimate guide to getting a cheap holiday? Or are you looking for the best way to find a cheap flight? Being careful with your pennies doesn’t mean you need to skip that trip away – if you’re clever you can treat yourself to a holiday without forking out the big bucks. There are many different ways to get cheap travel – and we’ve collected 50 of the best for you.

Here are 50 ideas that can save you pots of money in Britain or abroad.


Saturday 30 August: Save money and save water.

Glass piggy bank filled with water

According to SaveWaterSaveMoney, if you cut your water usage by 20 litres a day, you’ll save yourself an extra £25 a year. This got us wondering just how much you could save if you employed loads of sneaky water-saving tips and tricks, so we’ve put together a guide on doing just that!

Click here to discover our top 10 ways to save gallons of water and buckets of cash!


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