May 31

Make your own DIY whiteboard

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We are showing you a quick and super easy way of making your own DIY whiteboard in three simple steps, and it costs less than £2 to make!

Are you forgetful and need reminding often?

Or do you simply love making lists, notes or leaving messages around the house for your loved ones?

Then this is the perfect thing for you!

Let’s get started…

What you’ll need

  • A glass picture frame
  • Any colour plain scrap paper 
  • Whiteboard marker



Step one

Firstly, remove the back of your picture frame and clean the glass inside.

Step one


Step two

Get your plain paper and fold it to fit the inside of your frame. Then put the back on into place.

step two


Step three

Finally just turn the frame around and write your message on the front with your whiteboard marker. It really is that simple and doesn’t have to cost anything if you have an old frame lying around your house already.

step three2


You can buy a whole range of cheap frames from Dunelm and Wilkos

You can make your DIY whiteboard a bit more stylish than a plain old whiteboard by choosing an interesting frame (for example this frame from Wilkos) or using paints or glitter glue to add a bit of decoration.

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