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Money saving low energy products – beat the price hike

Did you know that there are products out there specifically designed to save you money? Better yet, some of them are designed to save you money AND save the planet. A super product if you will. Knowing which ones are worth their price tag is the key to massive savings and a greener universe.

Well we’ve done all the boring testing for you and here they are, the best of the best, la crème de la crème, the super products of all super products. They’ll save you money and leave your friends and neighbours green (sorry) with envy.

  • Energy saving electronics- cool gadgets that’ll save you money
  • More green products to save you money


Energy saving electronics – cool gadgets that’ll save you money

Eco Button

ecoOne of the easiest and most effective gadgets out of the lot, the Eco Button is a Moneymagpie favourite. Just plug this little gem into your USB port and then tap it every time you leave your desk. In your absence the Eco Button (don’t ask us how, we’re still convinced it borders on magic) ensures that your computer uses a little power as possible. When you get back to your screen it tells you how many carbon units you’ve saved AND the amount of money too. And all this for just £12.99.

Buy your Eco Button now.


Radiator Booster

ecoWith winter fast approaching a Radiator Booster should be on everyone’s shopping list. The booster uses a small fan to spread heat more effectively around your room, warming it up in half the usual time. Your boiler will then shut down quicker saving you as much as £140 per year in heating bills. With the Radiator Booster costing just £24.95, it’s a small investment well worth making.

Buy your Radiator Booster now.

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Wonderbag – power free slow cooker

ecoThis is an amazing product – it’s an extremely well-insulated cooking bag that keeps anything – from meaty stews and vegetable curries to simple rice and soups – cooking for hours without using any power. It keeps food warm for 12 hours so you can use it for picnics, festivals and other outdoor events as well as in the home. Costs £64.99 but saves you £££s in power use!


Dry soon heated airer

ecoThis wonderful contraption, £76.99 from Lakeland, dries your clothes much faster than an ordinary airer as it is heated. However, it only costs 3p per hour to run. You can save several pounds on each wash as it will replace a costly tumble-drier and it even gently heats the room it’s in so you can save a little on heating for a few hours too. It really works – bed-linen takes just a couple of hours to dry on it (at a cost of 6p) and even bath towels take just three hours (9p).

Buy your Dry Soon Heated Airer from Lakeland for £76.99 and have it delivered to your home for FREE.

Rechargeable batteries

Fact: the average UK household uses 21 batteries a year.

Fact: most rechargeable batteries can be reused hundreds, if not thousands of times.

Conclusion: Rechargeable batteries will save you money!

21873_1It’s as simple as that, over time rechargeable batteries will save you money. Yes they’re a bit more expensive than standard batteries and you will have to invest in a battery charger (which, depending on the make, you can buy on Amazon for around £10-20), but in the long run they work out SO much cheaper.

Wilkinson stocks a wide range of rechargeable batteries staring from under a tenner.Shop for your rechargeable batteries now.


Energy saving light bulbs

ecoSwitch you lightbulbs to energy saving ones and save hundreds of pounds. Energy saving lightbulbs use 80% less electricity than standard ones, which means each bulb could save you as much as £60 over the course of its life. Multiply that £60 by however many bulbs you have, and voila! Savings galore.

And as energy saving light bulbs can last up to ten times longer than standard ones, you won’t have to worry about risking life and limb balancing on a chair whilst switching old ones over. Well, not as often anyway. Wilkinson have a whole selection of energy saving lightbulb, and don’t forget to check out the range in Nigel’s Eco store too.

For info on the best energy saving light bulbs on the market, check out our dedicated article here.


More green products to save you money

Glow Brick

21873_1This wonderful little creation is the perfect solution for children who can’t sleep with the light off. When placed in a darkened room it casts out a comforting green or blue glow, which not only looks pretty damn cool but uses ZERO ELECTRICITY. How? Well the Glow Brick is solar paneled which means it draws its energy from soaking up natural light throughout the day. Come night time it’s bursting with energy and good to glow – literally.

Buy your £17.99 Glow Brick now.


Use the Moneymagpie energy saving tool and save £468

Switch your energy supplier and save up to £468 every year. It’s not difficult, just enter your postcode here and let us show you the cheapest deals on the market.

Insulate your loft and save over £140 a year

21873_1According to the Energy Saving Trust the UK could save £520m a year if everyone just topped up their loft insulation to 270mm. Five hundred and twenty million pounds a year! Crazy eh?

That works out at a saving of around £140 a year for you, just for installing a little extra insulation. Plus you can install it yourself, so there’s no need to pay out for builders.


Rubber door and window draught excluder

This door and window seal will keep out the cold draughts from hinged doors and windows and make the most of your central heating. The seal will help you keep in an extra 15% of heat which is typically lost to draughts in your home. Check out the ones here on Nigel’s Eco Store which are starting from just £3.95.


Thermal curtains

Thermal curtain linings can reduce heat loss by as much as 25% – check out these ones from House Charm which start from just £14.99 You can also buy thermal curtains on eBay where you’re bound to find a decent bargain.

Alternatively,make your own using cheap fleece or a PVC shower curtain with some lining sewn over the top. For tips on how to make your own thermal curtains check out this website. 


Double glazing film

21873_1Window insulation film is easy to use and is a cost effective way to stop losing so much heat through draughty windows.  Simply stick it to your windows and then tighten the film with a hair dryer!

Double glazing film helps you cut down on your energy bills and it’ll help to stop up to 10% of heat that is typically lost through the windows in a home. Check out them out here, starting from just £9.95!

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  1. insulated loft walls got double glazing energy bulbs turned heating down slightly all to save even changed energy suppliers so how do i still get bills in. all say will cost less yes in the summer out all the time no heating on long cold winters wrap up and keep warm ha ha

  2. I believe I read that according to tests run by “which” those dryer balls mentioned somewhere on this website rather than save 25% on drying time don’t actually do anything. If fact they can actually increase drying cost.
    Best thing is where possible find an alternative to the tumble dryer whenever possible, preferably a natural source like the garden cloths line.

  3. Great site with some nice products that could save me some money. This site was one of the reasons to start my own site that provides information on products that can save people money. Keep up the good work and I hope to see new content on this site soon..


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