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Mustard restaurant review

Mustard restaurant in Shepherd’s Bush Road, West London is a much-needed addition to an area that is pretty low on quality restaurants.

It opened last month and is already popular with locals who appreciate its British-based menu

There’s a clear Britishness to the menu with meat, fish and vegetables clearly sourced from parts of the British Isles (including Devon, Cornwall, Gloucester, Sussex, Scotland and more). It doesn’t end there, though. The dishes have clever twists with unusual pairings of foods on the same plate at times.

It’s worth a visit whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch, dinner or cocktails.

The menu at Mustard restaurant

I ate from the main menu and it was one of those occasions where I just couldn’t decide – there were so many lovely options!REFERENCE-ONLY_MoneyMagpie_Mustard-Restaurant-Menu

I could have had any of the starters including potted shrimps, Cornish squid, vegetable broth and raw shaved vegetables but I plumped for the Cornish crab salad which was wonderful on chicory and whole grain mustard

The main courses were similarly delightful and I took a while to choose but in the end I went for the baked fish of the day (cod or haddock) with salad. It was baked in rosemary, capers and salt (I had the cod) and was delicious.

They also offered steaks, prime rib burgers, slow-cooked Gloucester Old Spot ham and some wonderful-looking fish dishes. Vegetarians also have a good selection (unusually) including roast roots and wheat berries, pan-fried woodland mushrooms and spring green risotto.


The seasonal menu at Mustard restaurant

mustard restaurant

Pork Chop with Nettle and Oats Pudding and Roast Carrots

The seasonal menu changes with the season (obviously) although there are sometimes alterations within the season depending on customer feedback. The choice is excellent on this menu. At £25 for three courses it is also very reasonable.

My friend ate from this menu and thoroughly enjoyed shredded free-range chicken and spiced nuts salad (which included watercress and soft boiled egg), followed by a thick and delicious roast pork chop with nettle and oats pudding and roast carrots (some of which were lovely purple ones).
They also have a set menu where it is £9.95 for two courses and £12.95 for three courses. Again, a reasonable rate for London, particularly when the food is as well cooked and well-presented as it is here.

The menu also includes a glass of house wine (a very nice red) and a cocktail…really good value!

Desserts at Mustard restaurant

There are some delicious-looking desserts on offer at Mustard. I had the rhubarb crumble which could have been good but it was too heavy on the crumble and far too light on the rhubarb and the custard (heinous crime!) to be right. Having said that, I ate it all (with extra custard).

My friend had carrot cake which was serviceable – looked like it was not homemade but still tasted pretty good.



The restaurant is already a popular local venue for brunch (increasingly a favourite meal for city-dwellers I find). It is family-friendly – with a special kids menu – so a good place to take the children to during the day, particularly with its reasonable prices.


So, will we go to Mustard restaurant again?

Oh yes. In fact while we were there we said that we would be coming back to sample the brunch menu and possibly come for tea and a dessert one afternoon. It’s a laid-back place, particularly during the daytime, so it’s easy to pop in for a quick bite or a full meal.mustard restaurant inside

Want to go to Mustard restaurant?


98-100 Shepherd’s Bush Road
Brook Green, London W6 7PD




0203  019 1175


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