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My alternative Valentine’s Day suggestions

Jasmine 8th Feb 2017 One Comment

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Yes, it’s nearly here again – Valentine’s Day

Tthe day of dread for so many, whether ‘in a relationship’ or not.

If you’re not ‘in a relationship’ (horrible term) you’re dreading being around apparently loved-up couples and not getting a card or flower or anything yet again!

If you’re in one you’re dreading dealing with the pressure of having to be all romantic on a Thursday when you might not actually feel like it, and over-paying in restaurants, hotels, flower shops, chocolate shops and the like.

It’s a day that causes thousands of break-ups and all sorts of debt and disaster.

So, if you’ve really had enough, here are my ideas for alternative activities for Valentine’s Day:



Have an ‘I hate Valentine’s Day’ party at home inviting singles and couples and banning them from kissing, snogging or any sort of touching. If they are spotted doing any of those things they have to do a forfeit. It’s up to you to come up with the most fun ideas to ‘punish’ them.


Swap Romance for Action

Get some mates round and watch shoot-’em-up, thriller and action DVDs only, accompanied by pizza and pop.


Biology of a different kind

Watch some intellectually stimulating TED talks on subjects such as micro biology, the tech industry or astronomy.


Make Space for Love

Sort out the guttering, re-grout your tiles, go through cupboards and drawers that have needed tidying and sorting and have a thoroughly practical and satisfying evening!


Spread the love

Phone friends and family around the world for a catch-up. Do it for free on Skype (if they’re on Skype) or use a cheap reseller like 1899.com or 18185.com.

Actually I have just had a press release from Ocado saying that according to their research 63% of singles across the UK will celebrate Valentine’s Day with friends and 53% of singletons are looking forward to treating themselves to a gourmet feast. So there’s another couple of ideas if you’re wondering what to do!

There…got any of your own ideas for us??

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4 years ago

Interesting article and Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone.

Jasmine Birtles

Your money-making expert. Financial journalist, TV and radio personality.

Jasmine Birtles

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