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Pact Coffee – An ethical coffee brand you can trust

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Are you looking for an ethical coffee brand with great taste and even better price?

Then we’ve found just what you’re looking for, Pact Coffee.


What is Pact Coffee?

Pact are on a mission to get the UK drinking better coffee by making incredible, freshly roasted coffee accessible to everyone.

Their world-class beans are bought from dedicated farmers, roasted in small batches at Pact HQ in Bermondsey and shipped within 7 days.  They travel the world looking for the best beans, sourcing their coffees directly from farmers and paying at least 25% above Fairtrade prices to help sustainable production.

Pact coffee isn’t ground until the last possible moment before being sent straight to you to enjoy and that’s why it keeps you topped up with incredible tasting freshly roasted coffee throughout the day.

Pact coffees also have no artificially added flavours at all. Any flavour notes are actually embedded in the bean from the surrounding plants and fields while it’s growing. Everything you’ll taste is naturally occurring and brought out during the roasting process.


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An ethical brand you can trust

Pact Coffee - An ethical coffee brand you can trustPact are constantly scouring the globe for the best small-batch green coffees available. They are grown by passionate farmers who take as much meticulous care with their growing, hand-picking, and processing as Pact do with the roasting, packing and shipping.

Although Pact coffee is not Fairtrade certified it does pride itself on an ethical coffee sourcing policy that engenders a fair and transparent relationship with their farmers.

We should make it clear that Pact, like Fairtrade, do some great work in the coffee commodity market, but speciality coffee is just a different kettle of fish! Fairtrade guarantees a minimum price for farmers’ coffee beans (and a social premium for the community) but they can’t guarantee the quality of the beans – something that Pact prides itself on.

Pact guarantee that all of their coffee is bought at a higher price than the Fairtrade rate because they pay more for great quality coffee beans. What’s more, if they like their coffee, they return year after year to buy their harvest. This fosters a strong and long-lasting relationship, enabling the farmer to have increased economic security and their customers to taste the coffee they love year after year.



How much does Pact Coffee cost?

Pact Coffee standard bags cost £6.95 and their Limited Edition version costs £8.95. They come in 250g bags which will make approximately 15 cups of coffee.

Right now though, you can get one of their 250g bags for just £1 when you use the code MM1. 

Pact do everything in their power to make sure your coffee arrives when you need it and deliver to any address in the UK with a postcode. Pact packs fit through 90% of UK letterboxes, meaning no waiting around for the postman. They also deliver according to your needs, so if you pause your account for a month you won’t be charged and what’s even better is that postage and packing is free of charge.

Pact also offer a 100% refund if you do ever get coffee that you don’t want or like, so it’s a win win situation – good coffee and good service.

Click here to get your bag of coffee for just £1 by using the code MM1.

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