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Dec 12

Psychic phone call scam in our future

Reading Time: 2 mins

A new phone call scam, involving alleged ‘Clairvoyant’ services is making scammers money without the people knowing that they are being charged.

Confused and oblivious householders have recently been receiving mysterious messages and cold calls from apparent Clairvoyants and Psychics selling them their ‘services’ whilst being charged a premium rate without realising it.

Scams like these are often hard to spot as the callers are very convincing and have been well-trained.

The way they work is that they phone you up and tell you that you’re in some kind of trouble or you have something like a curse and you need to make a payment so they can get rid of it for you. Sounds crazy but there are a lot of gullible and frightened people around who will buy into this.

One of their other main scams is telling you this week’s “winning” lottery numbers, which sounds very enticing to a lot of people and therefore many are being swindled without even realising.

Another thing which makes this scam hard to track is that the majority of the public fail to check their itemised phone bill each month so don’t know that they have been charged extortionate amounts without permission. This means the authorities don’t know just how many people have suffered financial loss up to now.

Many have lost substantial amounts of money per phone call. One website that offers advice to Clairvoyants on premium-rate telephone charges states that a Clairvoyant or a Psychic can earn up to £66 in just one hour by using expensive phone numbers and using a script to keep people on the line for ages. This shows that someone could earn over £60,000 per annum literally by deceiving the public.

These scams are criminal and if you think you’ve been victimised by something like this (or you know someone else who has), don’t let these ‘Psychics’ affect yours and others’ financial future. Get in contact with Action Fraud online or phone 0300 123 240 and report it.


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