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Qdos Q-Puk Bluetooth Speaker

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Reviewed by Oscar Stewart, founder of Sound Perfection Reviews.

Portable Bluetooth speaker on beachThe Qdos Q-Puk is a small, compact portable Bluetooth speaker designed to stand up to the demands of rough use.

It’s 100% waterproof with IP67 dust and waterproof standard, and a battery life of approximately 8 hours.

So how does it hold up?


3w speaker

IP-67 water and dust proof standard

10 meter range

RRP: £39.99

Qdos Q-Puk Bluetooth Speaker on beachFirstly the design – well it looks rugged with its rubber outer case protecting it from falls, along with the metal speaker grill and hard plastic back. All the buttons are rubber coated and have a quality feel to them, the micro USB charging port also has a rubber flap to keep dust and water out.

It has a well thought-out design for the great outdoors, and also a good size, fitting nicely in the palm of your hand.

The included accessories are great – it comes with a Carabiner clip for attaching it to your belt/bag, a silicone strap also for attaching it to a bag, and a charging cable. A carry case would be a good accessory however this does not really need one due to its design.

Usability is good, however this is a Bluetooth only speaker, it has no auxiliary jack input. I didn’t have any trouble pairing my Nexus 4 (NFC and Bluetooth) with this speaker, it was very easy and straightforward.

The speaker has an on/off button, along with volume up and down buttons and a play/pause button, all these function well. To change the volume up and down you have to hold the buttons for a couple of seconds, they don’t have a one click increment.

Qdos Q-Puk Bluetooth SpeakerIn terms of sound quality, this speaker produces quite clean and crisp audio, although it does miss out a little in the bass region. Vocals are portrayed with detail and also good tone with only a hint of sibilance to be detected. The treble is present and not harsh, cymbals crash with good power, but do not have excellent extension.

The bass however does not have a lot of body or sub-bass, which lets this speaker down somewhat. Bass guitars have good articulation but kick drums lack body and the overall sound ends up sounding a little on the thin side. I found this speaker to fare better with acoustic and rock music, as pop and more electronic music really missed out in the bass.

Overall this speaker has its uses, as a rugged take anywhere speaker it is a great design, and in those scenarios I don’t think that the lacking bass will prove to be a big problem. When out and about you are not listening for every detail in the music, and this speaker does have good volume at its max without distortion.

I think despite the lacking bass it’s a tough little speaker perfect for extreme sports enthusiasts, and it is marketed at the right price point for a speaker of this type.


Get yours from Amazon here.

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