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Quick face editor for Mac users

Taking into consideration the fact that Mac book is deemed to be the best device for image editing, many professional photographers prefer using this computer for their creative work. Nevertheless, you can’t do even the simplest editing without a good editing tool. These apps allow users to erase blemishes, adjust white balance or apply different filters in order to make an image look better.

The modern software market doesn’t suffer from lack of possible options but in some instances, it is really hard to render a sound decision and select the best app. In this review, we’ll discuss the merits of Polarr photo editor.

Polarr is one of these high-quality editing tools, allowing users to enhance their photos avoiding the necessity to master too complicated programs as Photoshop is. This is a widely-used editing tool, allowing users to improve the quality of their images in several clicks. This is a fast face editor, allowing you to save your time, editing images.

Today, Polarr is widely used by various landscape or portrait photographers. There is a free version, allowing you to make sure whether this program is what you really need and a pro version, which is endowed with a bigger amount of features.

The situation when you made a cool image but your camera spoiled its quality at the supreme moment is well-familiar to every user. In this scenario, Polarr will help you solve these issues. You can repair all defaults as sharpness, exposure, color casts, etc.

The program is not as difficult as Photoshop is but it allows you to experiment with different effects, you can apply them and then undo immediately (if you don’t like the result).


The Main Things You Should Know about Polarr

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Below, you can find the list of the main things you can do with images as soon as you download them to the application:

• Change skin tones, eye or nose size, face width, etc.

• Use an awful lot of healing tools.

• Make local adjustments.

• Use its powerful face editing tool.

• Use its text tool with various shapes, modes, and ornaments. po

• The application supports the RAW format.

This is just a general list of all features, this application has.

Polarr is also endowed with a variety of filters (more than 100), allowing you to change a downloaded photo. Besides, users of Polarr also have a fair opportunity to create their own filters and sync them across different devices. The collection of all filters is kept in the left corner of the application. 36 of them are free (Film, Modern and Art categories). If you wish to use more, you should upgrade and use its Pro version. The history of all changes is also kept in the app and if you wish to step back, you can easily do this.

You can save the results of your work as PNG or JPG files. You’ll see a window, offering you to select the quality of settings and save the image. If necessary or you wish to add your byline, you can make use of the feature “Add a Watermark”. In this case, your logo will be added to the enhanced image.

The application also offers its users to make use of a wide array of either local or global adjustments. For instance, it is not a problem to change the saturation or vibrancy of a photo. Applying such effects as fringing or roundness is also simple. A variety of multiple brushes, clone adjustments or feathering will help you make a high-quality image in an instant.

If your overarching priority is to correct exposure or colour, make inconspicuous fixes or play with the offered filters with the aim to achieve stunning effects, Polarr is what you really need. This easy to use software with a bunch of great features will help you edit images quickly. Its broad selection of color adjustments, touch-friendly interface, a variety of gradient masks or cool filters will become your main editing tools.

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