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Review: Enerplex Jumpr Stack 9

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Reviewed by Oscar Stewart, founder of Sound Perfection Reviews.


Enerplex Jumpr Stack 9 The Jumpr Stack 9 is a high capacity portable power bank with a built in lightning cable and micro USB cable.

It features a massive 9,400mah capacity which is excellent if you need to charge multiple devices – considering your average smart phone has a battery capacity or 2,000-3,000mah this power bank will give you a good few charges before having to recharge it.

The design is very eye catching with its bright orange and grey colour scheme meaning you won’t be losing it any time soon.

The built in cables are very flexible but also thick so they won’t be breaking after a couple of uses and they also tuck in to the sides neatly.

Enerplex Jumpr Stack 9 On the top you will find some magnetic plates which allow you to stack multiple Jumpr Stack products for more powerful charging of multiple devices.

It also allows you to recharge multiple Jumpr stack products from one USB, a neat little feature if you have multiple Jumpr Stacks.

On the bottom there are pins for attaching it to other Jumpr Stacks – they do feel a little fragile but sit in a recess so they are flush with the body, but throwing this in your bag could bend them so just be a little careful with the bottom of it.

Charging wise you get the already built in Lightning cable and also the micro USB cable. If your device uses a different connector don’t worry, there is a normal USB and you can charge 2 devices at once quite easily.

Enerplex Jumpr Stack 9 The micro USB is rated at 1a max output and the Lightning connector is rated at 2.4a max output, the USB is rated at 1a max output also. In my tests of the USB and micro USB I found these figures to be accurate.

All in all I have found the Jumpr Stack 9 to be a great portable charger that you can keep in your bag and charge your phone multiple times before needing to recharge the unit itself.

It is marginally more expensive than some other models but you get great build quality, the ability to charge multiple devices and also to stack multiple Jumpr stacks to charge and recharge simultaneously, which is a great feature.

Buy this here for £79.19 now.


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