Jun 08

Salvation MAX II helicopter – good fun!!

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aldi, toy, boys, christmas, present, helicopter, aldiOoh, have we had some fun in the office playing with this?

I say fun – actually it was nearly very short-lived when we nearly smashed it into a wall!

It’s an ‘indoor/outdoor’ toy but unless you’re really proficient (unlike us) I’d use it outdoors to start with, until you’re good at the controls 🙂

This special offer at Aldi – it costs £34.99 and will be in stores across the country from 11th June until stocks run out (so get ’em quick) – is a great toy for buys and girls. It’s run by remote controls (easy to use unless you’re us!) and comes in green/black or red/black.

It’s a cool-looking design and comes in a very exciting-looking box – definitely the kind of thing kids will rip open the paper for and stand back impressed.

It takes two and half hours to fully charge up (you also need batteries) and the flying time is a rather disappointing 6-8 minutes (that’s the one downside I think) but once it’s charged up it really goes!

It says on the box that it’s for 14+ but I think that 10+, with a bit of initial supervision, could happily handle the controls.



Get it now

green helicopter, toy, boys, boy, christmas, birthday, aldiWell, not quite now – save your pennies and get to your local Aldi on Thursday 11th June. It’s one of their ‘special buys’ so there’s limited stock.

If you have the cash, though, this would be a really good Christmas pressie to get now and put in the attic for December!





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