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Jul 16

Save Money by Never Paying Full Price for Anything

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Now more than ever before is a time when people are looking for ways to save money. Times have been hard across the world for the most part of 2020, with the coronavirus pandemic having affected everyone’s lives.

With the breadwinner in many home having been on a reduced income – and some relying on help from the state to keep their head above water – this is a time that will be remembered for a long time, and will take some recovering from in the immediate months to come.

So are we really going to tell you how to never pay full price for anything again? We’re going to try, but there will always be some things where time and availability plays a part! We’ve got some great ideas for you, and they are practical ideas that you can use. When we look at the figures in the press lately there is a notable fall in disposable income predicted in many countries, so here’s our effort to help you save money and never pay full price!


Buy Online

Online retail has been to the fore in terms of spending this year, for the same reasons mentioned above. However, not everyone likes to shop online. We are used to visiting an actual shop and having a look at goods before we buy them – especially

when it comes to fashion items and electrical goods – and the idea of buying then having to go through the motions of sending them back if they are not what we want is a chore. There are ways to do it with little risk.

If you are buying clothing, then try the items on in a shop, note the sizes and look for them at an online retailer. You may find they are cheaper online, and now that you know the sizes that fit there’s no problem! The same goes for electricals; visit the shop, have a play with the gadget, and then shop around online. Trust us, you’ll find cheaper prices at many internet stores, and it’s safe, secure, and very convenient.


Use Promo Codes

You’ve probably heard of coupons and prom codes and wondered what they’re all about. Well, this is one money saving idea that you really should be using. Many retailers and brands use promo codes that you can find at websites and use by printing out or, more usually, entering on the payment form at your online checkout.

The savings can be very impressive and range from discounts to 2-for-1 deals and more. Coupons are also a great way of getting money off so when something comes through the door – a flyer or leaflet – make sure you check it before you throw it away, as there may be a money-off voucher! These are real discounts from top brands, so you don’t want to miss out.


Buy Nearly New

This one applies to some items but not others and can be a great way of saving money on more expensive items, toys or other similar products. Many people are given gifts they don’t want.

Where does that gift end up? One a famous online auction site at a knock-down price! It’s worth keeping an eye open for great bargains and you can find new in the box unused items at way below retail price. Bear in mind that it’s also a great place to sell – so check out what you’ve got and start selling stuff you don’t need!

That’s just a few of the best ideas for saving money, and we can’t tell you how much you really should be checking out promo codes and coupons so start now and get yourself some bargains.


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