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Save money on beach essentials

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The beach is regarded worldwide as one of the best places to have family fun on a budget.

There’s exercise, fresh air, sun, sea, sand, ice cream, and a location where everyone can relax for a day – what’s not to love? But if you’re a family that doesn’t already have the essential items for a beach trip, then you might find yourself with a growing shopping list. However, we’re here to say that everything you need for the beach can be found easily and cheaply enough, thereby letting you concentrate on having a great time, rather than the cost of it all.

Luckily, the beach has one thing going for it as opposed to other summer getaways… it’s free! However, it’s still nice to save money wherever possible so here are a few options for great beach products at affordable prices.



UV rays are no joke and can be damaging to the eyes as well as the skin. Therefore, wearing quality sunglasses is important when you hit the beach. Plus, let’s be honest, they are perhaps the coolest accessory to wear! Keep those harmful rays at bay by picking up a good pair online, as places like Edel Optics could save you a decent amount compared with buying in-store. Whether you prefer to rock sunglasses from Ray-Ban, Oakley, Prada, or more, just make sure you’re looking stylish and staying protected.


Beach tent

Soaking up the sun is nice and all, but it is important to have some shade now and then! Unfortunately, shade is hard to come by at a beach unless you bring a tent or umbrella. We’re not talking about a proper camping tent, but instead a fantastic pop-up tent! These are lighter and thinner than usual tents but provide a nice bit of shade for when the sun becomes too much, and most are big enough to fit two adults and two children. You could buy a brand new one, but it’s also worth looking for a second-hand tent on eBay, especially if the beach is something you might do only once a year.



Turning red after a day spent in the sun isn’t just a bit embarrassing, but very harmful to the skin. That’s why hitting the beach with excellent sunblock is a genuine must-do. There are so many brands on the market and they are all fairly cheap, but Australian Gold is a good one. Not only is it SPF 30+ and water resistant for 80 minutes, but it also helps to bronze your skin just a little, giving you a nice looking tan. After all, it would be a shame to go to the beach and leave without glowing skin. You can find some on Amazon for a good price.



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