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Save money on takeaways

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Do You Spend too much on your takeaways?

We can easily spend £50 on a takeaway for 4 people (and I have spent over £80 – through a combination of over-ordering and choosing very expensive sushi!) So one way to save money on takeaways is to make your own, but not from scratch, as that can involve a lot of time and faff. The answer could be recipe box deliveries.

Have you tried recipe boxes?

I hadn’t tried recipe-boxes before – where all the ingredients are delivered, chopped etc, for you to make a meal. Mainly because I like cooking and don’t find it difficult/confusing/complicated to make a meal. But I appreciate it saves time and effort, especially on a weeknight when you get home ravenous, and want a nice meal on the table in under 30 minutes.

Incidentally, if I do want a home-cooked meal ready for when I get back from work, I usually put something in the Slow Cooker in the morning (prepped the night before). But this week I am testing out the UK’s number one recipe box delivery company, Gousto.Gousto Recipe Cards

The box contains step-by-step recipe cards and pre-measured ingredients, either enough for 2 or 4 people. I got 2 meals: Miso-Crusted Fish with Noodle Broth, plus Bacon and Sage-wrapped Chicken with Mash and Mushrooms. It seemed to work out at about £6.87 per person, or £27.49 for 4.

sarah chopping lemongrassI did have to do a bit of chopping (outrageous!) bashing my lemongrass sticks etc, but it got me out of my comfort zone, cooking a dish I would never usually have tackled. And it was quick, definitely on the table in less than 1/2 an hour. All the family loved it, although it was a bit spicy (I was warned to only add half the chilli if I didn’t like hot food, but I ignored it). There are also LOADS of leftovers – enough noodles for a whole new family meal, if I add some protein (eg grilled chicken, pan-fried prawns, crumbled pine-nuts or even feta etc).

The recipes change every week so you can easily make this a regular thing, and do, say, two meals a week this way. Other options from the 12 recipes on offer were Hoisin Beef Meatballs with Sesame Cabbage; Harissa Fish on Red Pepper Couscous; and Chilli-Lime Sweet Potato Rice Salad. Some are veggie-friendly, some super-speedy (cook in less than 20 minutes).

I was thinking whether they’re an alternative to going out to a restaurant? Well, not for me. What they are is an alternative to a takeaway or a quicker/easier/cheaper alternative to cooking yourself. Definitely worth trying.

Other recipe box providers to try

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