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Save money Staycationing this Summer

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There’s a new trend on the holiday scene: Staycationing. This means going on holiday in your own country, something that has grown in popularity since the recession hit. A study by Visit England found that there was a 16% drop in the number of people choosing to holiday abroad since the recession, and that, between 2008 and 2013, 12% of holiday makers chose to stay on British soil.


Why is the British holiday becoming so popular?

English beach and dunes

There’s no point in beating about the bush, choosing to stay in the UK for your holidays has a massive financial benefit – not just for the holiday makers but also for the local economy. Not only do you save on expensive flights, but any money that you spend stays in the country, which can only help Britain to recover from what has been a gruelling few years.

Families choosing to spend their holidays in the UK are also spared the dreaded currency exchange and not have to worry about getting their money changed. Those with teenagers will also be able to sleep easy knowing that they will not be faced with enormous phone bills, as the kids will be able to use Facebook and text for the same price they pay now.


Ways to save while staycationing

English country cottage

Renting a cottage somewhere is bound to be cheaper than a hotel or all-inclusive package, and by self-catering a great holiday really can be had on a shoestring budget. If you are one of the millions of Britons who owns a dog, you can also cut the cost of holidaying in half by taking the dog with you (if permitted), saving a pretty penny for yourself in dog care fees.

Couple at the beach with their car full of suitcases

You can take your own car which is especially handy if you have a baby and need to carry a lot of nappies and baby food. You won’t need to book another bag on at the airport in order to cover this and you can easily get hold of the items you need from local shops. You don’t need to worry about the kids spilling things in your car either, which, while it may be a headache for you, won’t affect any money you have put down on a rental.

Kellogs Merlin Attractions Vouchers

Vouchers and loyalty cards are becoming a lot more common and a lot easier to use when it comes to going out as a family. From 2-4-1 to loyalty points and “kids eat free” places, it doesn’t have to cost the world to feed the family for a weekend away. There are hundreds of free activities which you can do in the country as well to keep you and the family entertained, which makes it all the more reason to staycation in the UK. You can spend days together as a family enjoying museums, parks and many other activities and not have to worry about the impending extra costs involved.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

So if you want a great holiday on a budget, stay in the UK. This island is a truly spectacular places to visit, from the almost Nordic beauty of Scotland to the breath-taking landscapes of Cornwall and the hills of Wales. Each place is so different and unique that you won’t miss being abroad at all, and there really is nothing that you can do abroad that you can’t do in England. Except ride a camel – oh wait, you can, in Warwickshire.


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Brian & Lynn Moore

I agree. There are many good reasons for holidaying in the UK, not least because you don’t get all the hassle of travel delays which waste a good chunk of your holiday while you are stuck in an airport or ferry terminal due to strikes in France. Another good way to save money, especially if you are a pet lover is house sitting and pet sitting for someone in an area of the country which you would like to visit. You’d need to get organised and be registered with someone like but there are some wonderful, homes, location and… Read more »

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