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Oct 13

Save Money with Partage – The New Cashless Eco-Friendly Marketplace

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It’s shocking that £30 billion of unused clothes are gathering dust in the back of UK wardrobes. A whopping 272,000 tons of furniture is languishing in attics and spare rooms, too! Partage is going to help you save money AND clear your clutter.

  1. What is Partage?
  2. A Cashless Marketplace
  3. Save Money and Swap
  4. More Money Saving Tips

What Is Partage?

Brothers Boris and Isaac Kwemo founded Partage when they realised there’s a gap in the market for a cashless marketplace that helps the environment.

Boris came up with the idea as a student when he frequently moved house. There never seemed to be an easy or eco-friendly way to get rid of items that he couldn’t take with him. He used his skills as a software engineer to build Partage, a platform that lets you swap items in exchange for points.

“I started working on the website during lockdown, in the evenings and weekends,” says Boris. “Partage brings together likeminded people and companies to recycle, reuse, and cut waste”.

Isaac joined his brother in the venture after spending time on a food waste project for his Batchelor’s degree. The waste market was massive, he realised, and people could make the most of exchanging unwanted things instead of sending them to landfill. He became a true believer in the circular economy, and used his education in applied mathematics, business management, and corporate finance to help Boris make Partage a reality.

A Cashless Marketplace

Boris and Isaac recognised that, especially in the unstable economic climate of a pandemic, more households than ever will be in dire need of saving money.

So, Partage is a cashless marketplace. No money exchanges hands! Instead, you can get rid of your unwanted clothes and furniture on the marketplace in exchange for points. As well as individual customers on the site, companies use the platform, too – so you could exchange your earned points for brand new items as well as second-hand ones.

Because Partage is cashless, you can rest assured that other users of the site have the same vision as you do: everyone using the marketplace wants to reduce the amount of waste in the most efficient way possible.

Save more money

You can also trade your points to take advantage of deals from companies on Partage, too. Look at the Special Offers section to discover discount codes that help you save money on items as well as support the cashless marketplace to run.

Save Money and Swap with partage

It’s easy and free to set up on Partage as a seller or a buyer. Register on the website first, and take a look around at listings that may interest you.

All the users get ten points for free when they register, too!

More Money Saving Tips

As well as shopping on cashless marketplace Partage, there are plenty of ways you can save money in these tough times. Read these next for inspiration!

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9 months ago

A great idea.

9 months ago

This is such an amazing idea!

9 months ago

There are people who take old clothes out, unsure if they give it to charity or sell it. If people are making money from old clothes then it must be looked into.

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