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Oct 06

Saving money with the iMoving moving cost calculator!

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In today’s world, people wish to move or are compelled to move from one place to another due to numerous reasons. Thankfully, relocation has become easier as more and more moving companies now offer customized moving services and affordable rates.

These companies play a crucial role in the process and are responsible for safely handling the belongings of their clients during the moving process.  From covering nationwide moves to reputed moving companies providing services in a small geographical area (usually 50 miles) and offering features like moving cost calculator, the relocation landscape is changing with the change in customer demand and affordability.

iMoving is a leading moving service platform that brings several such moving companies to a single address. The moving cost calculator tool that iMoving uses provides quick and precise quotes for moving your belongings to a certain destination. People can get at least 3 quotes before their moving schedule, choose the best quote, and save money. Cost calculators make the job quicker and easier.

Estimation of Moving Costs 

Though there are plenty of moving companies available in the market having different criteria, each one follows the same golden rule for moving cost calculation. The more the no of items required and the distance need to travel, the higher budget is required. Yes, it is a fact that certain things help in saving an amount like knowing the cost ahead of time using a moving cost calculator.

Local moving costs can be calculated by multiplying the estimated hours needed to complete the moving process with the hourly rate fixed by the movers.

Long move cost is calculated based on the travel distance as well as on the weight of the shipment.

To save yourself from the hassle of manual calculations, it is great to use a moving cost calculator. In which you just have to enter the details of the move like distance, weight, and so on and you will get to know how much you need to pay. The tools let you know the more accurate results so you can plan your entire moving process in a better and more efficient manner.


Factors affecting!



The longer the distance traveled by the movers more will be the cost generated.


Volume and weight

The heavy weight of the parcel will result in more costs as it will take more time to process the shipment process.


Packing Services

If you choose to get your belongings packed by the movers then it will cost you more as it is less tiring work. One needs to pay according to the services that one requires. Special services need an additional amount to pay.


Date of Move

Generally, the weekend days cost people a few more bucks than weekdays. The season also affects the cost.



Some sort of trust will be required while hiring the movers. So, ensuring your belongings will be helpful to protect items.


Advance Planning

Planning gives you the ability to choose from several available movers and can cut down the cost to a great extent.


Careful Handling of certain equipment

Some equipment requires special handling while shifting to a new place. If a move involves certain special items to relocate then this will increase the charges.


Local moving Price List!!!

Locally moving belongings is less costly than interstate or global move. Local moves are also dependent on the no of bedrooms shipped as well as on the miles covered. For example: for 100 miles one bedroom set will cost $500-$1000, 2 bedrooms will cost $1000-$1500 and 3 bedrooms will cost $2000-$3000.


Ways to Save Money!


Avoid wasting money on bubble wraps and papers

Try innovative ideas while packing the stuff. For instance, socks, hankies, etc can be utilized for packing materials. By using your creativity, you can easily save.


Dissembling Furniture and other stuff

Compact packing of the stuff can highly reduce the storage space thus cutting down the moving cost.


Taking only Necessary Stuff

Unnecessary stuff must be avoided as they can sum up to a few more bucks.


Using a moving cost calculator

If you want to cut your expense start getting quotes from multiple movers 5-6 weeks before shifting. Choose wisely the movers who are cost-effective yet promising. The tool helps you to compare the different moves helping you to know the average cost you need to spend. Therefore, you can easily pick the right movers offering you services at a reasonable cost while saving yourself from scammers giving lowball quotes.


Bottom line!

Researching movers in advance considering all the above-discussed factors can cut down the expense to a great extent.

DisclaimerMoneyMagpie is not a licensed financial advisor and therefore information found here including opinions, commentary, suggestions or strategies are for informational, entertainment or educational purposes only. This should not be considered as financial advice. Anyone thinking of investing should conduct their own due diligence 


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