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Mar 12

Saving Money Within Your Business

Reading Time: 3 mins

When running a business, you want to try and keep your overhead costs as low as possible, while still maximising your profit. To accomplish this, you may want to consider ways to reduce your costs, while still meeting any requirements for you to continue trading efficiently and morally.

Looking for avenues that help you to keep costs low can take time, which is why it can be a good idea to set aside a few hours, or even days, to go over your current budget and outgoings to figure out where those cuts can best be made.


Using Software

Finding the best, cost-effective HR software means that your HR team will be able to complete their tasks in less time, but still to a high standard. On top of this, finding software where the money you pay is worth the service you receive, and a number of services can be completed on one system may be more beneficial than paying smaller increments for numerous services that, overall, can end up costing more.

Making working processes easier can also help to reduce stress in your team. High levels of stress can contribute towards illness, both in mental and physical forms, which means you might lose productivity and money through staff being absent.


Shopping Around for Utilities

In your personal life, you may often shop around for the best deals for electricity, gas, internet, and phone usage, and even vehicle insurance. When it comes to your business, the same strategy can be applied. Many people have found that remaining loyal to one service will not necessarily benefit you, as a lot of the best deals are given to entice new customers.

When applying for, or renewing, your utilities, it can then be a good idea to look into different providers to see what they are able to offer you, and at what cost. Paying more for services you don’t want, or need, is never a good idea. Instead, you may be able to find packages that suit your business needs, and cut the costs down, thus saving you money. When it, again, comes to your renewal, you can repeat the process.


Buy in Bulk

Certain items for your workplace may be ordered and used frequently, such as toilet roll, sanitiser, soap, or even beverages. If this is the case, you might want to consider saving money by buying in bulk. While this may lead to you paying more now, over the course of the coming weeks you will then not need to spend again, and the price difference of paying for more now, rather than less over a period of time, can be significantly different. In addition to this, it will also mean less time needs to be spent cataloguing and refilling your inventory.


Go green

Not only is making your business as eco-friendly as possible great for the environment, but it also presents big saving opportunities. Simple changes to your workspace, like LED bulbs, or encouraging team members to turn off the lights when they leave a room, can have a hugely positive impact on your business bank balance. Go paperless and recycle where possible. As well, with this, you can push yourself as a green business, which is positive for your brand image, which could, in turn, bring in custom.


Remote Working

You could even consider remote working to be more cost-effective, which can completely eliminate all the monthly spending you’d make on an office space, and all within it. Without having to rent a huge office area, with the savings this provides, you can put money to good use elsewhere in your business. As well as this, all the overheads that come with your office such as electricity, water and gas costs are slashed completely. Personally, you won’t have to do your daily commute, as you can just work from home and conduct meetings online, saving you petrol or public transport fees. The pandemic has shown us that this way of working is viable, and it might just be the future.


Regularly Review your Budget

To save money and make wise spending choices, you must be hyperaware of where your money is coming in and going out. You should have a solid budget plan and review it regularly, ensuring you do not go over what you have set in place unless it is for a one-off purpose. If not, you may be spending too much on something that you do not want or need. You should also consider ways that you can effectively save money – for example, outsourcing certain tasks, new innovative technology, hiring apprentices. Trial and error may be the way forward here, to test what works and what doesn’t. Just make sure you keep detailed notes on each and every idea you try out, to figure out what is worth it in the long run.

Looking for smart ways to save money may initially be a time-consuming process but, as you get used to it, can also become second nature. Saving a little bit of money here and there can soon build up, giving you more financial resources at your disposal.



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