May 14

Sterling Silver Heart Necklace for just £0.15!

Amazon is a great place to find amazing deals on pretty much everything but this sterling silver heart necklace is beyond incredible value at just £0.15 and free delivery!



Fashion Women 925 Sterling Silver Amethyst Purple Heart Crystal Pendant Necklace

This beautiful necklace comes in 4 colours, purple, gold, blue and pink.

It kind of seems like a scam right? how could something that cheap be any good? But the reviews look pretty promising and hey, if it’s a pile of junk, you only spend 15p!


Buy it Here


There are actually a bunch of items around this price on Amazon. Have a look and see what other amazing bargains you can find:

Here’s some lovely silver earrings for just £0.13:

Or these cute winged earrings for just £0.18:

Please note prices are revised regularly. The price shown above was correct at the time this article was written
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