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The best discounts most students don’t know they’re entitled to

There are loads of discounts out there but it’s finding them that’s often the trouble. And when it comes to student discounts, many companies don’t seem to advertise their deals perhaps as much as they ought to. You might even be shopping in places and paying full price for something when you could be using your student card and getting the same thing for less. So, get your student cards at the ready because this is not something you will want to miss out on.


Eating Out

Students having lunch in a cafe

There are plenty of restaurants and coffee shops out there that offer student discount but you might not always notice it being advertised. And sometimes the discounts are only valid on certain days or at particular times, usually not during peak times. Popular pizza restaurant chain, Pizza Express, varies its deals where students can get up to 40% off food and even a free pizza. Iconic pizza place, Pizza Hut, also offers student discounts with a current deal running for 20% off!

It can be a good idea to search online for your favourite restaurant or coffee shop, as you can find hidden deals that might not immediately hit you in the face when you walk through the doors. Many places also now have apps that can give you extra discounts or free food when you show it in the cafe or restaurant.


Clothing and Footwear

Young woman buying top in clothing store

Clothing and footwear retailers are generally quite good at advertising their student discount deals. You’ll find that many of them will have some sort of sticker or poster in the window to lure you in to spend your student loan and, from experience, it’s a very effective tactic.

Even if you don’t see a student discount poster in the store it can be worth asking a member of staff if they offer any discounts for students. The worst thing they can say is “no”, so you really have nothing to lose. If it’s a large store, it can be better to ask at a customer service desk, as not all members of staff will be aware of the discounts available. On the other hand, if it’s a department store, you might be better asking in each individual department, as their deals will often vary from the main store’s deals.

Big brands, such as Asos and River Island have periodical deals for students at certain times of the year. So keep your finger on the pulse by signing up to their newsletters and social media, so you can stock up on the latest fashions when they bring out their 20% student discount offers.


Gadgets and Electronics

Male student using VR headset surrounded by gadgets

Splashing out on the latest gadget or upgrading your laptop can be a very expensive business, especially when phones and laptops are pretty much an essential part of life now. So getting student discount on these high price items is often not advertised. But it does exist. Even the Apple store offers a student discount for university students.

But if you’d rather have more brand options when you’re buying your technology then there are other stores that can give you a discount. Shops such as Currys PC World will often give a discount or throw in extra items for free if you ask. Plus they frequently run events with discounts and price matching.



Young adults at the cinema

Entertainment always seems more worth it when there’s a discount. Big chain cinemas usually offer discounted tickets when you present your student card, but you can often find discounted tickets in independent cinemas too. Even if there are no student discounts displayed, it’s always worth asking.

Even hotels can offer student discounts, including Travelodge, so you can explore some other cities in the UK when you need a break from studying. Plus, for travelling abroad, students can get discounts with a range of airlines and travel companies, so it’s worth asking before you book. STATravel is a travel agency dedicated to students and young people, so you can often get cheaper flights – ideal if you’re planning your gap year escape or simply want to jet off on holiday.

Theme parks can be an expensive day out but with a student card, you can often save loads on the regular ticket prices, even up to half price!


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