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Sep 09

The Eco-Friendly Trends To Consider Implementing After Lockdown

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With the coronavirus outbreak having forced millions upon millions of people to self-isolate over recent months, the planet has slowly started to recover. Pollution levels are on the decline, animals are returning to ecosystems and certain oceans are looking bluer than ever. 

However, while this may all sound great for now, these changes aren’t permanent and, following the lockdown restrictions being lifted, the chances are that the world will slip back into its old habits. 

Ensuring we each do our bit to protect the planet is therefore absolutely vital, as it’s important for climate change to remain at the front and centre of everyone’s thoughts. 

With this in mind, join us as we take a detailed look at some of the best ways to be more sustainable in your home this year. 

From purchasing recycled furniture to investing in water-saving devices, the ideas we’ve listed below will help ensure you’re doing your bit towards restoring the planet. 


Sustainable Textiles & Upholstery

Much like the various glues and stains used within modern furniture, many textiles are produced relatively unsustainably, releasing harmful chemicals into the air in the process.

Therefore, when it comes to deciding which furniture or upholstery to add to your home, consider buying materials that have been produced organically or with sustainable practice in mind. 

Rather than investing in a heavy-duty synthetic curtain, for example, why not consider an environmentally-produced wooden Venetian blind instead? These can bring a real sense of warmth to your room, creating a rich ambience that offers the added bonus of knowing it wasn’t manufactured in a way that harmed the planet. 

When it comes to buying any type of upholstery for your home, it’s important to also consider what will happen once it ends up in a landfill. If it doesn’t do anything other than bio-degrade then it will only be contributing towards climate change, rather than against it. 

Therefore, if you’re looking to make a real difference, it’s important to be wary of the materials you use in your home. 


Nail The Lighting

While on the topic of eco-friendly blinds, these can offer a fantastic way of controlling how much natural light you allow in or out of your house. In doing so, this can help you cut down on your energy bills since you won’t be needing to rely on using your mains to light up your home. 

Going one step further, investing in technology such as solar shading and energy-efficient lightbulbs is a must-do in today’s day and age. With numerous tones to choose between, such as daylight, soft light, warm light, and more, these bulbs will help you significantly cut down on your energy use, enabling you to not only reduce your bills but help towards restoring the planet as well.


Rock, Wood & Pine Flooring

Typical wall-to-wall carpets and other types of synthetic floor coverings are often made using volatile organic compounds which discharge into the air around your home, putting your health at potential risk. 

While many manufacturers try to eradicate these substances where they can, it’s nion impossible to remove them all. Therefore, if you’re looking to change your flooring, it’s better to use a more sustainable type, such as rock, wood or pine. 

Not only do these types of flooring release no volatile organic compounds into the air but they are also much easier to clean and maintain. They may cost slightly more to purchase and install initially but, over the long run, they tend to be a lot durable than a carpet or a rug.


Recycled Glassware

Glassware may not normally be associated with interior home design but considering how much of it you have in your house, it’s an important thing to think about. 

Where possible, try to source your glassware from suppliers which implement a sustainable practice. Whether it be a tumbler made from sea glass, a recycled mason jar, or a champagne flute manufactured from recycled plastic, there are a number of different ways to pick up glassware that has been produced sustainably.

Going one step further, you could even reuse the glassware you use in your home’s interior design. Rather than throwing away your wine bottles after you’ve used them, for example, wash them out and put some fairy lights in them. 

Simple ideas like this can not only help reduce the total amount of waste currently occupying our landfills, but it should also help save you some money in the process.


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