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Apr 26

The shocking amount of freebies you can get on Amazon

Reading Time: 6 mins

Ok, so here’s the deal: Amazon is filled with free stuff, if you know how to get it. And that’s what we’re going to teach you.

We’re going to separate this guide into two parts: how to get the free stuff, and what that free stuff is. Stay reading to learn how to get free Amazon Prime for life, and our top ten free things you can get out of it.


Free Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Logo

While there are some things for free on Amazon without the need for Prime, there is a much larger number if you happen to have this premium service. Here’s how to get a lifetime of free Amazon Prime:

  1. Generate an email address using
  2. Create an Amazon account
  3. Sign up for your free month of Prime
  4. Cancel your Prime immediately (you will keep the privileges for a month)
  5. Repeat next month with a new email address

To do this you’ll need a debit or credit card but no payment will be taken. You can use the same card again next month.

Top tip: cancelling your Prime immediately means you’ll never forget to do so later on. That means no unexpected charges. That means a good time. Amazon don’t tell you, but even if you cancel before your free month is over, you’ll still enjoy the benefits for the full month. Ace.

So we hear you, you’re like ‘hey, is this legit?’. Well, reading through Amazon’s terms and conditions, it’s perfectly fine to have multiple buyer accounts – this is why they let you use the same card to register multiple accounts.

Students and teachers, if you have a university email address then you’re entitled to free Amazon Prime.

Friends, we can even go one step further, what would you say if w could teach you how to get a free Amazon Prime on your existing account?

Let us introduce you to Amazon Household: Amazon accounts with Prime can share premium features with another person. That other person can be you. And that other account? Well, that’s you too. Follow steps 1-5 above, then link your new account to your existing Amazon profile using Amazon Household, here.

Ok, so now you’re a Prime member and didn’t pay a penny for it – congratulations on beating the system and sticking it to the man. Now, it’s time to reap the rewards.


The Best Free Things You Can Get from Amazon Prime

Free Super-Fast Delivery

Amazon Prime Delivery

This delivery service is super great. It’s super-fast. It’s super free. Your Amazon Prime membership includes free delivery upgrades, and free postage in general.

Even if you buy infrequently this feature alone will save you money. Sit back and take satisfaction in watching your pennies stay put. As a Prime member you also get exclusive access to Prime Now; a magical two hour delivery service on everyday essentials and household items. The future is here.


Prime Music

Amazon Unlimited Music

This service lets you download and stream music. It’s £7.99 a month on top of any Prime membership.

We don’t like that.

Instead, you can sign up for a free trial month, repeatedly. Use the same technique as described in the first part of this guide. Just remember to cancel your subscription and it’ll cost you nothing. So, this service has a bunch of free music tracks you can download, tens of thousands in fact. Use ‘sort by price’, ‘low to high’ to find all the free stuff. You can download these without limit.

So, you like buying CDs, Vinyl, and owning your music physically?

Well Prime Music’s AutoRip gives you an immediate digital download of any physical albums you buy, so you can listen without waiting for a delivery. You’re a digital completionist? The Complete This Album feature lets you purchase individually missing songs from your incomplete digital albums.


Kindle Owners’ Lending Library

Amazon Kindle Lending Library

This service is pretty simple; included in your Prime membership you can borrow one book a month, completely free, and you can keep it for as long as you want. It’s important to mention that books from this service can only be read on an Amazon affiliated device. That means either a Fire tablet or a Kindle e-reader, not on your phone with a Kindle app. Find some handy tips for Kindle here.


Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

Now, this might be the best reason to get Amazon Prime. It’s a lot like Netflix. There’s a great selection of films and serialised shows, all for free. Be wary though, not everything is free, some newer films and shows may make you pay to ‘rent’ them. Amazon instant video provides easy instant access to a huge number of titles. So that’s great.

You can download the Prime Video app and watch films/shows on your phone and on games consoles. You can even download titles to watch without the internet. I particularly like that while you’re watching you can mouse over a drop-down menu filled with information and trivia – this settles debates quickly, so you can actually hear the film.


Order Free Sample Boxes

Amazon Samples

Sample Boxes? Apparently it’s been going on for a while. Here’s how they work: Amazon sellers curate themed boxes of stuff, primarily food or fashion. You pick what bundles you want to receive, then you pay for them.

Yeah, spending money is sad, but hear me out; you get everything you paid back in voucher form. Happiness. Here’s the catch, you can only spend the vouchers on products featured in the sample box, and these coupons expire after 180 days. So, use your head, and these are pretty much free. Good times.


Store Unlimited Photos for Free

Amazon Photo

So, here’s the thing, Prime gives you unlimited storage for all your photos. Pretty great. You can share this with five others to create a ‘Family Vault’. You also get 5 GB free for storing videos and documents.


Twitch Prime and Cheaper Video Games

Amazon Twitch

Monthly free games and in-game items can be found hidden inside Twitch Prime.

What’s Twitch Prime I hear you ask?

Well, it’s a set of Amazon Prime benefits created specifically for gamers. It operates from an Amazon partnered video game streaming site called Twitch. We want to stress the free games side of this. Free games. Sure, they’re normally slightly older releases, but these are solid games, games that commanded a pricey retail tag. And they’re yours, free.

There are also other benefits on Twitch’s site. Most notably, all adds are removed from the site and you’re given a free subscription to a streamer of your choice (worth $5.99). Did you know, Amazon gives Prime members £2 off pre-ordered and new released video games? That seems an insubstantial amount but actually it makes Amazon likely to be your cheapest option for new games.

Prime Pantry

Amazon Pantry

Basically, there are some items that you can only buy if you have Prime. ‘Prime-Exclusive Items’ – these are generally things in large measures or bulk. Mostly big bottles of Listerine and huge bags of nuts. Perhaps the best part of this is that you can get 20% off nappy subscriptions, which could seriously save you a lot of money in the long run. If you like value, these are solid benefits to having Prime. Not strictly free things, but free perks.

Audible Audio-books

Amazon Audible

As a newly fledged member of Prime, you’re entitled to access to Audible. Amazon have partnered with this audio-book streaming service to offer you curated content, free. You can choose from an ever-changing roster of 50 audio-books and listen to Audible’s new on-demand podcast channels. This would normally cost you $5 a month. Free stuff, we love it.

All in all, Amazon Prime is a great service. Although signing up is a small amount of trouble, really and honestly, it’s worth taking advantage of all the free things on offer. They’re free. Prime is free. Now go, be free.


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