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Sep 25

Tips to Save You From Heating Costs This Winter

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With the weather quickly changing, now is the time to start getting you home ready for the winter months and there are a few renovation tips to keep in mind which could help to reduce your heating bills. You will obviously want to stay warm and cosy at home, but this does not have to cost a fortune on energy with the following tips.


Upgrade Insulation

Insulation is one of the best ways to reduce your energy bill, make your home more energy efficient and keep the warm air in and the cold out during the winter months. The attic is the most effective place to add insulation and can save you up to £100 a year. It is also helpful for keeping the cool air in and the warmth out during summer so it is a smart investment that will pay for itself before long.


Review Heating System

You should always get the boiler serviced before winter to keep it in top condition, but you might also want to think about replacing your radiators if they are old and not as effective anymore. Column radiators from places like City Plumbing can be a smart upgrade as they are effective at heating a room, take do not take up much lateral space and can look fantastic too.


Stop Draughts

Draughts are the enemy of every homeowner during the winter months as they can bring in cold air even through the smallest of gaps. You will want to find draughts in your home and then use caulking or a similar solution to plug these gaps and keep the warm air in and the cold air out.


Add a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats can make a huge difference by greatly reducing your energy consumption and bills while still making sure that you can keep the home warm whenever you are there. You can control the thermostat with your phone allowing you to get the home warm when you are on your way back, they can learn your heating habits to help you to save and many other impressive features.

If you are looking to make the home as warm and cosy as possible this winter without spending a fortune on energy bills then these are the key areas to focus on. You do not always have to use an enormous amount of energy to keep the home warm, plus in today’s day and age it is important to try and find ways to reduce your energy consumption to protect the environment.


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