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Top 5 tips to save money on clothes

Research shows millennials are impulsive buyers and ironically most don’t earn much money. Of all the things that young guns of today buy, clothing/ apparel makes a big part of it. Although there is nothing wrong with getting a new dress shirt, top, fr-pants, or pair of chinos every season, updating your whole wardrobe at every sign of a sale is a Big ‘NO’. That’s what these season-end, pre-arrival, clearance and festive sales are designed to do; ignite an impulsive logic that you can save by shopping.

Worry not my fellow millennials, experts at MoneyMagpie have come up with easy to follow tips that will save you money and will curb your urge to constantly buy new clothes.


1. Learn to Take Care of Your Existing Wardrobe; Ditch the Wire Hanger

Woman standing in front of open wardrobe

Ideally you should shop when the need arises, not when a new trend or fad hits the market along with a sign of ‘sale’. It means you should take proper care of your clothes to prolong their life. That may seem hard work, but actually it’s quite fun. For starters, ditch the wire hangers, simply learn to fold and rack. If you have to hang, then go for broader wooden hangers. They won’t cause the shoulders of shirts to droop and won’t damage the fabric like pointy wire hangers.


2. Get the Shelf Look through Steaming

Garment steamer

Ever wondered how the shirts in stores seem so pristine? No, it has almost nothing to do with the fact that they are new. In fact, most of the apparels found in store goes through dirty racks, dust and greasy hands of customers and salesmen on a daily basis. What makes their colours so pleasing and their form so refined is steaming. They are ironed only once, when they are placed on display, but are steamed every now and then. Don’t go rushing to electronic store to get the steamers, instead invest in steam iron; the one that presses and can steam too. Steamers are expensive and less efficient than steam irons.

Caution: Don’t buy the iron that just sprays water on cloth, that’s not the same thing as steaming. Steaming effectively pops out the colours making them more vibrant and pleasing to the eye.


3. Be Wary of ‘Dry Clean Only’

Dry clean only label

If a dress shirt, pant or a tee says ‘Dry Clean Only’ or have very specific washing instructions like rinse gently in luke-warm water, don’t use harsh detergents etc, steer clear of them. They will deteriorate rapidly, as adhering to such intricate directions while doing a generic chore each time is not humanely possible. Go for tough versatile apparels.


4. Hunt for Coupons and Sign-up for Newsletters

Cutting coupons

You can find coupons in magazines, on sites and sometimes in email. Get yourself enrolled in your preferred brands mailing and messaging list, so you can shop at discounted rates. If you are afraid that your mailbox will get littered with all the offers, create a filter just for shopping. Also, learn to haggle, it’ll come in handy.


5. Do the Research

girl using laptop surrounded by clothes to sell

If you are planning to shop online, you can hunt and search for best deals and prices. On the other hand, if you plan on visiting the store yourself, visit the one located in a mall, so you can go to the store next door for a quick comparison.


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