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Comprehensive guide to couponing: Our top couponing tips

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Have you heard? Couponing is huge. It’s a resourceful way to bring down the cost of your grocery shop and, for many people, it’s become no less than a full-time hobby.

There’s now a wealth of couponing blogs and social media pages available, which shows just how popular the practice has become. If you’d like to get involved but you’re not sure where to start, have a read of our guide below.

We’ve compiled a few top couponing tips to get you started.


How to get coupons

  1. Comprehensive guide to couponing: Our top couponing tipsSome of our favourite places to find printable coupons are SuperSavvyMe, MyMail, Caring Everyday and Amazon. You can also find some great promo codes here. Make sure your device is connected to a printer and print your coupons straight out.
  2. If you don’t have a printer, some brands might offer an option for you to have the coupon posted instead. Keep an eye out for a ‘don’t have a printer’ button or something similar. Remember this option isn’t guaranteed, and most coupons you find online will be print-only. If you have the time, it’s worth writing or emailing brands to ask if they will send you one in the post instead. Explain that you don’t have access to a printer but that you’re very keen to try their product using the discount.
  3. In-store magazines are a likely bet for finding new coupons. Pick up your free copy from the supermarket, pharmacy or chain store and leaf through. Carefully snip out any that you find.
  4. You can also write directly to companies to ask for coupons, even if they aren’t offering them publicly at the time. Find email and postal addresses online by performing a Google search. This method doesn’t guarantee you coupons but, if you contact enough companies, you’ll certainly get lucky.
  5. Scour Facebook for couponing pages. You’ll find hundreds of dedicated couponers who post regularly with tips and links to coupons. Follow their pages and keep an eye on their posts. In no time, you’ll be quite the expert yourself.


How to use your coupons

  1. Top couponing tips - Save money at the supermarket with couponsGet up to date with your terms and conditions for each coupon. Do you need to spend anything else to use it? Can you use more than one of the same coupon in one transaction? Can the coupon be applied to discounted or clearance items?
  2. Keep a spare wallet for all your coupons and organise them however you like: by store, for instance, or by validity date. Go through them once a week or so to check they’re all still in date.
  3. Ideally, you want to find a way of ‘stacking’ coupons (using several different ones in the same transaction). For example you could pair a supermarket coupon, such as ‘£5 off your total spend at Tesco’, with a manufacturer coupon, like ‘50p off Warburtons bread’. The more you can use, the lower that total will fall.
  4. It’s a good idea to mention that you’re using coupons when you first reach the cashier so they’re prepared.
  5. Remember that many supermarkets accept coupons only at the cashier’s discretion, so there’s not a lot you can do if they refuse to take them. That said, be confident when handing over your coupons; that always helps!
  6. Boost your couponing by pairing it with cashback apps (such as Shopitize and CheckoutSmart) and in-store deals. Websites like MySupermarket help you to plan your shopping before you head out of the house so you can really maximise the power of each coupon.

With a little effort, couponing can bring you substantial savings, allowing you to put aside a little extra every month. Be proud of your new hobby; as well as being a financially rewarding habit, it can be a whole lot of fun.


Look out for other freebies

Compliment your new couponing lifestyle by looking out for other ways to get freebies.

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One of your other first ports of call should be LatestFreeStuff, who offer a whole range of freebies, so scroll through their site and see if you can find something that would be great for you.

And don’t forget to see what freebies are available on sites such as Gumtree, Snaffleup, Freecycle and Craigslist. As the old saying goes, ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’, and there are all kinds of freebies you can get your hands on if your lucky; furniture, old TVs, washing machines etc. Usually all you’ll have to do is go and pick the item up, which is a small price to pay when you are getting potentially quite expensive items absolutely free!


Are you thinking of collecting coupons? Maybe you’ve already started? Let us know in the comments below.


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