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Jan 16

Valentines Day Countdown – The best romantic ideas!

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With four weeks to go until Valentines Day, starting your preparations now is the best way to create the most affordable and unforgettable experience ever!

The big day falls on a Thursday this year which is unfortunate, however, that doesn’t mean you can’t make the day special for your partner.

Then again, you could always make a full weekend of it a couple of days later!

The advice below is brand new and will help provide fresh gift ideas and low cost treats for your loved one!

Make travel, accommodation and eating reservations now

valentines day travel

As it is still a month before Valentines Day, nobody has really started to think about it properly, which is why it is the perfect time to make reservations for travel, accommodation and restaurants.

Flights can also be booked for a small amount of money as well as the Eurostar, which goes to Paris, the city of love itself.

Paris is a fantastic city and lovely boutique hotels with small prices can be found all over the city.

Prices for the Eurostar rise dramatically the closer it gets to the day that you want to travel, however, return tickets from £40 can be found now!

As far as popular restaurants go, they will also fill up in no time, so do your research and make the booking now with a special request for a rose or a something special to happen during the evening.

Take advantage of the January sales

valentines day offers

We’re still only in January, which means a lot of retailers have big sales on, which is perfect if you are looking for a special gift.

For those of you who want to be a little more indulgent, Anne Summers currently currently has a 70% sale on their website.

Though you might want to save your money in January, it is actually better to spend now on Valentines than in February as prices for certain items are likely to go up due to the extra demand.

Start working on self made gifts

valentines craft ideas

Though it is always nice to receive a paid for gift, getting something that has been crafted by your partner that is intensely personal and thoughtful can’t be topped.

However, these things can take time, which is why you should get started on your crafted goods now.

There are a huge number of things you could make, many of which are featured in our article for men, though women can just as easily take some of the gift ideas we talk about here,


A fun and easy idea for a free gift to your partner, is a special favours cheque-book.

These small cheque books can be bought for around £5 and are full of favours like – Wash the dishes, make a meal from scratch, surprise me with something etc.

Create something fun

Laughter is an important part of any relationship as humour is one of the most important things that allows people to connect, regardless of whether it is in a romantic situation or not.

However, it is a known fact that women rate men who can make them laugh extremely highly, which is why making your partner laugh as part of your valentines day celebration, should be a priority.

Firebox is a website with loads of wacky personalised items so make sure to check out their range here.

Extend the love

Valnetines Day can feel a little cheap to a lot of people as, at the end of the day, it is a holiday created to sell goods and cards…

That is why you should try to make more of an effort after the holiday has passed to make sure your partner knows that they are appreciated and loved at all points of the year.

One way to do this, is the write a large number of notes and hide them in places that you know your partner will find them, some obvious some not so much, so that they may take a month to find them.

By writing down something that you like about your partner or a nice message, you’ll remind them how much they really matter to you.

Plan an activity

Couples at a salsa class

Making a day memorable is hard in the modern world when everybody has so much going on, so it is important to try and do something truly memorable, which can come in the form of an activity like a dance class or something similar.

Learning a new skill together can strengthen the bonds between people as they need to work together, which can be an extremely enriching and exciting process.

Try to find something that isn’t too hard, but is fun and can be enjoyed by both of you, like a cocktail making or a cooking course.

These kind of experiences are extremely popular during Valentines day, so make sure to do your research and book asap!

If that wasn’t enough help for you, make sure to check out our other articles linked below!




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2 years ago

Great ideas for Valentine’s.

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