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Voombox Ongo Review


Reviewed by Oscar Stewart, founder of Sound Perfection Reviews.

The Voombox Ongo is a Bluetooth speaker designed for outdoor use, it’s weatherproof and comes packaged with a bicycle mount, so how does it hold up?


Dimensions: 140Lx60Wx73h mm
Driver size: 1.5″full rang x 2
Output power: 7W (3.5W x 2)
Signal to noise ratio: ≥76dB
Battery Capacity: 1000 mAh
Battery Voltage: 3.7 V
Battery Charge Time: 3-4 hours
Wireless Range: Up to 10 meters
Bluetooth compliant: Bluetooth V4.0
Bluetooth profile support: A2DP Stereo
Talk Time: Up to 8 hours
Microphone sensitivity: -40 db
RRP: £59.99


voomboxDesign first, and this is one well thought out speaker – it features a sturdy metal frame, with a metal speaker grill.

There is a rubber coated band around the outside where the buttons are, this provides a non slip bottom for placing it where you need to, it also provides shock absorption and weatherproofing of the charging/aux ports and buttons.

On the bottom there is a mounting hole that is compatible with all standard camera mounts, so you can mount it on a tripod or the included bicycle mount.

It has a small handle that you could use to hang the speaker by, and the charging/aux ports are covered with a rubber flap.

This speaker feels heavy and well built, you can feel the quality when you pick it up.

It comes supplied with an auxiliary cable, a charging cable and also a bike mount – a very good set of accessories.

voombox on a bikeUsability is also very good. It has some excellent functions that other Bluetooth speakers miss out on, for starters it comes with an auxiliary input (standard 3.5mm jack) so you can connect non Bluetooth media players.

Pairing is easy and straightforward (it’s ready to pair as soon as it’s on), there is an on/off button, it has a play/pause button which also acts as an answer and hang up button when you receive a call, as this has a built in microphone too for hands free use.

Another feature the play/pause button has is to disconnect the speaker ready to pair with another Bluetooth device, meaning you don’t have to switch it off in order to change between Bluetooth sources.

Along with this feature the volume up and down buttons also act as track navigation buttons, so if you hold them down they will skip to the next or previous track, which is an excellent feature as you don’t have to remove your phone to change track.

voomboxSound quality is superb from a speaker of this size – it has a very rich and full sound which is surprising for its size. The bass punches hard and also extends low, all of which is impressive due to the small drivers.

This does however have a passive subwoofer which works very well at amplifying low frequencies, providing articulate and also well extended bass, something a lot of small Bluetooth speakers lack. I can detect a tiny bit of distortion at certain frequencies, and also there is a bit of a mid-bass boost but overall the bass is very good.

The mid range is clean and clear, with good detail coming through in vocals and electric guitars have good power, the mid range is slightly warm due to the full bodied bass, which is not a bad thing as it leads to a more relaxing listening experience.

The treble has good sparkle to it, and really tops off a great Bluetooth speaker, the treble is not in your face or bright and harsh but it is there and sounds great.

DSC_0008This speaker also goes quite loud, and vibrates quite a lot at high volume but never sounds distorted.

One thing to note with this speaker is placement.  In high end audio everyone knows how important speaker placement is, and with this little speaker it still makes quite a big difference.

If you have the speakers ear level facing you it sounds very balanced and clear, if you have it facing down or are sat to the side of them it does sound a little more dull and not as clear. Of course this is designed to be used out and about and it would be very difficult to have them always facing you so it’s not a problem, just something to note.

Overall I highly recommend this Bluetooth speaker due to its excellent features that make it easy to use and intuitive, and because of the great sound quality from a speaker of this size and price. It has a big sound for its size and is rugged and feels very well built, well worth the money in my opinion and better than a lot of the more commercially available offerings.


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