May 05

Wake up gently with a Lumie Bodyclock


I hate alarm clocks.

sunshine, sunny face, summer, burning, suntan lotionBut then who doesn’t? They’re nasty contraptions that wake you up from lovely sleep and force you to get up and go to work.


It makes you wonder what people did  before alarm clocks, though. How did they wake up at the right time? How did they start their days?

Certainly a long time ago, before gas lights or electric lights, people just got up with the sun (pretty early during the summer of course). That’s kind of the natural way and certainly a more gradual way of waking up as the sun’s rays slowly intensify and make you get up.

In fact, wouldn’t it be nice if we could do that…but not at 5am in June!


Have your own sun clock

Well you can, with the Lumie Bodyclock. It actually does work like the sun rising.

lumie bodyclock moneymagpie, alarm clock, bedroom, light, lightingYou set the time you have to get up, let’s say 7am then thirty minutes before (say 6.30am) the daylight bulb on the clock starts to lighten until it is fully bright at which point the alarm, or the radio, comes on and you have absolutely no excuse not to get up!

Not only that but it can help you go to sleep at night. Set yourself a thirty minute ‘sunset’ and you can gradually drift off as the light dims and you feel sleepy like they did in olden times.



I’ve tried and I’m impressed.

alarm clock, lighting moneymagpie, lumie bodyclockIt’s WAY better than waking up to an alarm (even the one on my iPhone which I’ve chosen as it’s the least annoying I can find).

Also, the device itself isn’t too complicated, although you will have to check the manual a few times while you set it up. Thankfully the manual is quite well written (unlike most tech manuals) so even someone as rubbish at dealing with machines as I am can follow it!

But the menu does take a bit of getting used to and most of its operation is done through navigating the menu so you need to spend a bit of time on that.

Still once you’re set up, you shouldn’t need to fiddle much with it. Just set it up and wake up happier 🙂

RRP £59.95, buy it here.


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some nights i sleep for 8 hours and wake up tired,sometimes i sleep for 4-5 hours and feel refreshed

George Pow
George Pow

I get on average 5hrs and would Love 7 or 8 that would be “BLISS”

Walter Yates
Walter Yates

I probably have six hours but would really like seven to eight. To awaken naturally must be marvellous

Neil Lonsdale
Neil Lonsdale

I go to bed at 11 pm and get up between 5.30 and 6 am. I wake almost every hour.


I get about 6 hours sleep but I really need 7 or 8 hours. I am normally comatosed in the mornings and look alike one of the zombies from the film *Shaun of the Dead*

Fiona Dallimore
Fiona Dallimore

I get between 3-4 hours sleep,but would love 6-7 hours undisturbed sleep

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