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Love Food Hate Waste – Leftover Pizza Recipe

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We all hate wasting food but I suspect I am almost OCD about it. I lie awake at night thinking what I have going off in the fridge and how I can use it up. Now there’s a new booklet out to help me, with loads of ideas from other north London mums and dads, plus  recipes from a few restaurateurs thrown in for good measure. You can get it free BUT – there is a catch – you have to be a Camden resident. If you’re not, I would just click on this link and beg to get a free copy anyway. It’s been published in collaboration with Love Food Hate Waste who have loads of tips on their website on how to make cheap and filling meals (categorised by what food needs using up). Check it out if you get nowhere with Camden Council (who have always been charming and helpful to me!). Now here is my recipe for leftover pizza, using all your leftover foods that would otherwise be thrown away!

Recipe: Leftover Pizza

For this recipe you only have to buy two ingredients, the bread mix and the pasta sauce. All the rest (cheese, ham etc) I would expect you to have in your fridge. So a really good dish for using up all those bits and bobs.

Ingredients for base:

  • I packet pizza dough (or bread) mix
  • 1 jar pizza sauce or tomato-based pasta sauce

Topping: leftovers/cupboard staples:

Could include;

  • chopped ham
  • tin of tuna or anchovies
  • cheese – grated or crumbled
  • roast meat
  • capers
  • chargrilled peppers in oil OR roast Mediterranean veg i.e. peppers/onions/courgettes/aubergine
  • chopped fresh herbs
  • tin of drained sliced mushrooms



  1. Make up the bread mix/pizza dough mix as per packet instructions, leaving to rise as necessary.
  2. Roll out to a circle/rectangle and place on a oiled baking tray.
  3. Meanwhile assemble all the topping ingredients and chop as appropriate.
  4. Slather the base with tomato sauce (you won’t need a whole jar) and sprinkle over all your toppings plus salt and pepper and finishing with cheese.  Don’t put on too much or it becomes soggy and won’t bake through.
  5. Bake in a hot oven 220 degrees celsius for 8-10 minutes until crispy.
  6. Serve with salad if nodding towards health. Otherwise Coke and fries.
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