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Oct 14

Who Doesn’t Like Free Money?

Reading Time: 3 mins

Suppose not only was there a chance to make yourself some money but that there are places out there that were willing to hit you up with a stake to help get you started?

No, this isn’t a dream, or a tease. There really are ways of getting free cash out there.

It’s a fact of life in the world of online sports betting. Every site – and there are a lot of them – will provide new players with some sort of signup bonus in order to get you on you started. It’s using these sign-up bonuses that Matched Betting enables you to make money without actually risking any money.

No matter where or when you go to a sportsbook, no matter how big or small the sportsbook might be, in order to wager on events, you need to have a stake. So why not take advantage of sign-up bonuses to make money using the Matched Betting method?

There are several sites that are willing to exchange a stipend in order for you helping them do business.


What Is A Signup Bonus?

How do these online betting signup bonuses work? Are they truly free? And most importantly, how do you get them?

Simply put, when you join a sportsbook, there will be a bonus paid to you. This is an incentive, a perk if you will, an encouragement to get to go with their site as your house of choice.

There are three types of free signup offers – a no-deposit bonus, a matching first deposit bonus and a risk-free first bet.

The no-deposit bonus is just what appears to be. An online betting site will give new players a free stake just for joining their site. It’s usually a small stipend, nothing huge.

A risk-free bet is a wager that comes equipped with a 100 percent money-back guarantee. You place a wager. If it wins, great. If not, the site refunds the amount to your account to try again. These always come with a maximum amount, so read the fine print before placing that first wager.

The matching first deposit bonus is the most common – when a player joins an online betting site, the sportsbook will grant a matching bonus. The amount will sometimes be as much as 100 percent and can range into the hundreds of dollars. This does, however, require you to front up some of your own cash and take a risk (so, unlike with Matched Betting or the risk-free bet, it’s actually gambling.)

 Who Doesn’t Like Free Money?

Remember, don’t get dragged into risking money, and follow the Matched Betting rules to the letter to avoid losing money. Visit a site like GamCare if you’re struggle with gambling, and stay away from all such sites (even for Matched Betting) if you think it’s going to cause even a moment’s temptation.


Other Free Online Money Offers

You don’t need to be a gambler in order to get free money. There are plenty of opportunities to earn free stuff that won’t necessitate entering the world of online wagering or matched betting.

Online surveys are a great way to grab freebies while sacrificing very little of your precious time. A survey can take as little as five minutes to complete and at the most, generally don’t go beyond a 15-minute requirement.

An example of such a site is E-rewards.com. All you do is register at their site and they will send you surveys to complete directly to your email, usually at a maximum rate of one or two per day, so it isn’t taxing on your time. And it’s always your decision whether you choose to fill out the survey or give it a pass.

While they don’t pay you directly in cash, the company gives you points for each survey completed. These points are then exchangeable for gift cards that can cover such perks as shopping sprees for clothing, hotel stays and car rentals.

Those gift certificates can save you a lot of time when doing your Christmas shopping.


Refer A Friend

Companies are always in the market to build up their customer base. And if you’re able to help them out in that pursuit, they’ll usually kick you a little bit of cash for your efforts.

In the corporate world, these are known as refer-a-friend incentives and if you’ve got  a lot of friends, it can really pay dividends.

Internet service providers are known for using this as an incentive. A highly competitive industry, making the switch to their plan will work out even better for you if you can convince others to come along for the ride.

Sites have been known to offer as much as $50 for every successful referral a customer brings to them. There are even certain companies that will give the bonus to both the friend and the referring customer, so it’s a choice that can pay off for all involved.


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