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Why renting a car on vacation will save you money

Renting a car gives you a multitude of options while you’re on your vacation in New Zealand. Easy access to a whole world of sightseeing opportunities, as well as the complete freedom to come and go as you please, makes a real difference during your travels. Hiring a car also means that you will have access to a first class, reliable vehicle that can also save you a heap of money, as rental cars offer cheap, reliable transport to get you around both the North and South Island.

Still not convinced? Here are five great reasons why renting a car will save you money on trip to the land of the Kiwis.


1. Renting A Car Is Cheaper Than The Bus

While New Zealand does have a pretty good public transport system, you will forever be at the mercy of bus routes and timetables. Renting a car gives you the total freedom to fully explore the islands at your own pace and with your very own itinerary. You can take it as slow or as fast (within the speed limit, of course) as you like and you get to call the shots as to when and where you get to go.  Having a well-priced rental car removes the worry of having to carry bus fare, as well as trying to figure out the routes and timetables.


2. Fuel Is Cheap

Much like when you’re at home, having a new, reliable car at your disposal affords you the stress-free pleasure of absolute independence, allowing you to see any and all parts of not only the city but the whole country, whenever and however you like. All you need is your rental cost and a tank of gas every now and then. Fuel is reasonably priced in New Zealand, and gas stations are frequent, especially in and around the cities and towns. Small tip: if you’re taking a road trip on the South Island, just make sure to take a look at a map for fueling stations along the way, as the island is quite remote.


3. Renting A Car Is Cheaper Than The Train, Too

The train network in New Zealand is pretty limited, with only four long distance passenger routes in the whole country. Prices are quite steep, (often starting around the NZ$50 mark for a short journey), especially when compared to a tank of gas, and much like the buses, you have to go where the trains goes, not where you want to. Renting a car ensures that you never have to worry about expensive bus or train fares during your vacation.


4. Cabs Cost A Fortune

Even if you’re planning on not straying far from the city center, a rental car will save you a small fortune when you factor in cab rides. If, for example, you decide to do a bit of shopping and use a cab, it could easily cost more than the rental charge on your own car for a day. Filling your own rental car up will be a lot kinder on the wallet than paying a cabbie to fill theirs up. Plus, you get to choose the radio station you want to listen to!


5. Cheaper all round

Providing you have a current driving license from your own country and are over 21, you can drive in New Zealand for up to 12 months from the date you enter the country. The rental company will insure the car and usually offer unlimited mileage, making car rental the most reliable and cost effective option for your vacation.

Finally, New Zealand offers some of the best driving in the world. Enjoy long open roads that weave around mountainscapes and sunsets, and hug the shores of stunning lakes and rivers.  Driving in New Zealand is like nothing you’ve ever done before! Whether it’s a North Shore car rental, a drive through downtown Wellington, or a months-long trip on the remote South island, a road trip in New Zealand will no doubt be an experience of a lifetime.


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