Mar 27

You can get cheaper food

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Food prices are going up and up so I think it’s time now that we looked seriously at food that’s just after its ‘best before’ date.

I’m one of those people who thinks that food is fine until it is actually walking out of the fridge on its own legs. If it has a bit of mold I scrape it off and eat it. I’ve eaten yoghurts that were a month old and they were fine. Really, it’s not worth being squeamish about food – we’re a lot stronger than we think!

When you think, 8.3 million tonnes of food is thrown away every year (according to and half of it, at least, good to eat…often before its sell-by date!…it shows just how far we need to go to change our approach to food. It’s no good complaining about the price of it and then throwing half of it away!

I often shop at my local street market and I particularly like the couple of stalls that sell past its ‘best before’ date foods. They sell jars and packets of things at a fraction of the usual cost. I get boxes of chocolates for £1-2, three packs of Rivita for £1, jars of nice jam for 50p and so on.

Now you can do this online. I’ve found a few sites that are selling these kinds of things at rock-bottom prices. Try them out!:

are all worth a look. Really, the savings can be amazing. It’s worth stocking up your store cupboard for the next couple of months with their stuff. Your family will thank you!

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Hi Moneymagpie.

I checked out the link for JJ Food Services but don’t really understand if they deliver to single customers, i.e. normal people rather than caterers. If they do, then how come everyone doesn’t shop here, its so cheap!


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