Sep 06

Zero waste week – get some money-saving recipes here

Guest blogger Chiara Cavaglieri has tips on saving money by cutting food waste…

Getting savvy when you buy and cook your food can save you heaps of cash and do your bit for the environment.

And, as it’s National Zero Waste Week, now is the perfect time to get into good shopping habits, start raiding those cupboards, checking those expiry dates and making sure you use up anything that’s lurking at the back of the fridge before it goes off.

Scraping last night’s leftovers into the bin may seem harmless enough but here in the UK we waste 8.3 million tonnes of food and drink every year, most of which is dumped in landfills where it produces damaging greenhouse gases. All this waste is making a massive dent in our pockets too – we waste the equivalent of £12 billion a year, working out to £480 per household or £680 for families with children.

A good first step is to make sure you shop for food the smart way by reading our sneaky supermarket tricks – this will help you beat the supermarkets at their own game and ensure that you don’t buy food that you don’t need.

Then check for cheap recipes that use up any ingredients in your fridge or cupboard. We have some here for under £1 per head! Don’t forget you can even forage for free food from Mother Nature herself!

Finally, don’t forget to head to Love Food Hate Waste for recipes that use up leftovers in tasty ways and tips for keeping food fresh for longer.

You could even win some goodies for your efforts – to celebrate this year’s Zero Waste Week and the theme ‘Cooking for Victory’ you can win one of two prizes – a £50 LUSH voucher and £50 Natural Collection voucher!

All you have to do is leave a comment at the bottom of this page telling them what you pledge to do to reduce your food waste.

Some of the ideas they suggest are:

  • Identify a particular food that gets thrown away every week and plan a great recipe to use it up
  • View your leftovers as ingredients
  • Say no to prepacked food and buy only the amount you need
  • Get your scales out for measuring rice and pasta rather than guessing and ending up with waste
  • Start a compost heap, wormery or bokashi bin.

Don’t forget you can also post your own ideas for money-saving food tips in our forum.

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I am going to turn out my fridge and find recipes to use up the vegetables and left overs.


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