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Shocking rise of illegal trade in personal data

Reading Time: < 1 min According to CreditExpert, in the first quarter of 2012 over ... read more

Metropolitan and Strathclyde police scam

Reading Time: < 1 min I’ve just heard of a new Metropolitan and Strathclyde police ... read more

Video: stay safe from get-rich-quick schemes

Reading Time: < 1 min The FSA (Financial Services Authority) have produced this video on ... read more

Beware credit card phone fraudsters

Reading Time: 2 mins I’ve just had this in from my local neighbourhood watch people: ... read more

More ways criminals can use your social media profiles

Reading Time: 2 mins As you know, I have a Twitter account (@Jasmine) and so ... read more

Aston Midshires – beware scam car insurers

Reading Time: < 1 min Car insurance brokers, Aston Midshires, are under investigation by the ... read more

Watch for the fraudsters at your door

Reading Time: 2 mins I’ve had a note from my local police to watch our ... read more

Smartphone users being targeted by criminals

Reading Time: 2 mins If you have a smartphone (like a Blackberry, iPhone, Android or ... read more

Showersaint (or Ecosplash) – is this a scam?

Reading Time: < 1 min I’ve just had a card posted through the door apparently ... read more

Don’t succumb to the roguish charms of a Cowboy Trader

Reading Time: 2 mins It is difficult to believe there is still anyone out there ... read more

Seasonal money scams on the internet

Reading Time: 6 mins Online fraud is rising and a lot of the scams come ... read more

Scam Post scotched but be on your guard

Reading Time: 2 mins First the good news: Fraud prevention detectives have just seized a ... read more

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