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World Cup scams – look out for these!

Reading Time: 2 mins It’s typical isn’t it…any big event is going to attract dodgy ... read more

Watch out for the 0% balance transfer scam!

Reading Time: 2 mins Thought that would get you interested. No, the 0% balance transfer ... read more

Protect your home at Christmas – a burglar advises

Reading Time: 4 mins Home insurance is a must if you want to protect your ... read more

Watch out for RBS/NatWest/Ulster Bank phishing emails

Reading Time: 2 mins The NatWest/RBS/Ulster Bank problems that hit customers on Cyber Monday provide ... read more

Get your own back – cold call revenge!

Reading Time: 5 mins Fraudsters are finding new ways to part us from our cash ... read more

Watch out for the pump and dump, Ponzi and the Spanish prisoner Cons

Reading Time: 5 mins I have just finished reading The Con Men: A History of ... read more

Myths and truths about the American government shutdown

Reading Time: 2 mins The American government shutting down sounds a lot scarier than the ... read more

How to avoid boiler room scams

Reading Time: 2 mins I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – watch ... read more

Another nasty Facebook scam

Reading Time: 2 mins I’ve heard of yet another nasty fraud being perpetrated on Facebook. ... read more

Freecycle scams – two new ones

Reading Time: 2 mins I’m a big fan of Freecycle but, like so many good ... read more

Watch out for eBay

Reading Time: 2 mins I was shocked this week to hear of the experience one ... read more

More job scams

Reading Time: 2 mins I’ve been hearing about yet more job scams posted on internet ... read more

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