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New tax credits scam to watch out for

Reading Time: < 1 min Do you receive tax credits? Do you know about the ... read more

Watch out for offers to be a ‘money mule’

Reading Time: 3 mins According to Financial Fraud Action UK (FFA UK) there’s an email ... read more

New Paypal scam doing the rounds

Reading Time: 2 mins There is an email scam doing the rounds which pretends to ... read more

Card reader scam

Reading Time: < 1 min We thought we would warn you of a new card ... read more

Quick ATM fraud

Reading Time: < 1 min Take a look at this shocking video about ATM fraud… ... read more

Top 10 phone scams and how to avoid them

Reading Time: 4 mins Phone scams can often be difficult to recognise. They can range ... read more

Say NO to premium rate phone lines

Reading Time: 2 mins I was on BBC Breakfast News yesterday commenting on a company ... read more

Don’t be conned by money-transfer mystery shopping scam

Reading Time: < 1 min A nasty couple of scam websites have just been closed ... read more

National Identity Fraud Prevention week

Reading Time: 2 mins It’s national identity fraud prevention week. Nearly 20 million pieces of ... read more

How to stop spam texts…well sort-of

Reading Time: 2 mins Yes, sort-of. The IRRITATING issue of spam texts being sent to ... read more

Beware airline ticket fraud

Reading Time: < 1 min Shocking new research from Action Fraud has revealed that 151 ... read more

Fraud still increasing – now’s the time to take action

Reading Time: < 1 min The latest Fraudscape Bulletin from fraud prevention group CIFAS reports ... read more

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