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Start Looking for a Fix on Your Energy Prices NOW

25th May 2024

The energy price cap goes down 7% in July 2024 – but it’s set to rise again in October. With that in mind, and the impending General Election and concerning world events, now is an ideal time to start looking for a fixed tariff on your energy bills to lock in a good rate over…

Are You Owed Hundreds of Pounds in an Energy Refund?

10th May 2024

Energy costs have rocketed in recent years, and even with last year’s Government support, many of us felt the pinch when it came to paying our electricity and gas bills. But did you know that your energy supplier could owe you money? Here’s why – and how to get your energy refund back. Why Money…

All The Things You Can Do If You Can’t Pay Your Energy Bill

29th Apr 2024

Article updated 29th April 2024 In the current financial climate, many people can’t pay their energy bill and are falling behind with payments. There are things you can do to make sure your energy debt doesn’t overwhelm you. Payment Plans and Supplier Support First of all, if you fund yourself struggling to pay your energy…

Energy Price Cap to Fall From April

23rd Feb 2024

News broke today that come April, the energy price cap will fall 12.3% to £1,690. This means there will be a fall of £238 for typical dual fuel household Whilst this fall is a very welcome relief to many households, and is a step in the right direction. Bills are still way above what they…

Boiler Expert Shares Exact Heat to Keep Energy Prices Down

8th Oct 2023

Our energy bills seem to be going up every day! But I know a heating engineer who has some easy tweaks you can make to your heating system – and to your home – that will cut your bill by hundreds, or even thousands, over the year. Harland Guscott runs Guscott Heating in Kent and…

The Energy Grants Edition: All the support available to help you pay your energy bills 2023

28th Sep 2023

As the warm weather becomes a distant memory and the nights draw in, thoughts inevitably turn to those dreaded energy bills and how to pay for them.  The energy price cap- the amount suppliers can charge for each unit of energy used – will fall from £2074 to £1,923 from October 1, but it’s still…

Energy Boxset

8th Sep 2023

Insulation – save money and conserve energy

7th Sep 2023

The facts and figures in this article were correct at the time of publication. With gas and electricity prices set to soar thanks to the current crisis and another cold winter not far away, all of us want to cut our energy costs as much as we can. By making sure your home is properly insulated you…

Winter energy bills cap less than previous years

30th Aug 2023

The winter energy bills cap is in place, but not as much as in previous years. The energy price cap will, from October 2023, be set at £1,923, which is £150 less than the previous cap. This means that energy bills are coming down, they’re just not coming down by much. Danni Hewson, head of…

Kitchen Hacks on How to Energy Crisis Proof Your Kitchen

11th Jul 2023

Make your kitchen energy crisis proof.  All we read and hear about in the news at the moment is how to spend less money, how to deal with rising bills, and how to try to cut those bills. It can be very depressing and daunting but this guide will help you to save money on…

Want to invest in renewable energy? Look out for these 3 risks

21st Jun 2023

With the world shifting towards ‘cleaner’ energy, it’s a near certainty that most of our power will soon be generated by renewable energy sources. In this article we’re going to take a look at the renewable energy market, and explore whether investing in wind, solar, or hydropower is a good idea right now. Keep on…

Energy Bills to Fall: New Price Cap Announced

25th May 2023

Energy bills to fall: New Price Cap Announced  Typical household energy bills are to fall by around £425. Energy regulator Ofgem has lowered the energy price cap, meaning millions will pay less on their gas and electricity usage.  From July 1st, the new price cap will stand at £2,074 – down from £3,280. However, due…