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30th Nov 2022

The energy price cap, which is amended every three months, will rise by 20% in January to £4,279 per year for a typical household, up from its current level of £3,549 per year. This year of course, the Government’s energy price guarantee began on 1 October, with a discount off these rates to all households,…

Smart meter users could be paid to reduce energy use

10th Nov 2022

It has been announced that homes in Great Britain with a smart energy meter could save up to £100 on their bills by reducing their usage. The National Grid has said people can save money and balance electricity supply in the UK by joining the new scheme.  The National Grid has said it is working…

Many Energy Support Scheme vouchers not being redeemed

31st Oct 2022

Have you redeemed your Energy Support Scheme vouchers? New reports state many customers on prepayment energy meters have not yet redeemed the £400 vouchers to help with their energy bills. From October 1st, the £400, given in instalments over 6 months, started to be given to people across the UK.  This is part of the…

Apply For £1500 Energy Support Fund Now

13th Sep 2022

The British Gas Energy Support Fund has this week re-opened applications for grants of up to £1,500 to help customers struggling with their energy bills. But funds are limited, and applications should be made as soon as possible.   British Gas’s charity, the British Gas Energy Trust, operates two similar schemes for those living in England,…

Are energy shares a good buy right now?

5th Sep 2022

Without massive Government intervention, millions of households will be forced to pay colossal sums in order to stay warm this winter. Last week, Ofgem announced its energy price cap would increase by 80% from October 1. The energy regulator’s decision means households with average energy usage are now facing typical bills of £3,549 per year….

Cost of energy: How Much Does It REALLY Cost To Run Your Home?

18th Aug 2022

Cost of energy: With all this talk of energy bills rising, many are wondering if it’s at all possible to lower them. Sure, we all have to use what we need, and pay for it every month, but what about the hidden energy costs incurred without us even knowing about them?  Some of the following…

Super Smart Energy Savers Campaign: Our top tips

25th Jul 2022

Here at MoneyMagpie.com, we have been working closely with Smart Energy GB to bring consumers the best energy saving ideas, helping you take control of your energy use and household budgets. This month saw the release of the Super Smart Energy Savers report, which highlighted the UK’s biggest worries, energy saving habits and behavioural changes…

When will you receive the £400 energy grant?

27th Jun 2022

When will the £400 energy grant be paid? In May, Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced a new range of support measures to help the country with the current cost of living crisis. It is no news to the UK that inflation is at a 40-year high, reaching a staggering 9.1%. On top of this, energy prices…

Council Tax Bills Now Approaching £2k as “Bleak Friday” Is here

1st Apr 2022

Our council tax bill is the latest thing to report as we prepare for bleak friday and onwards. This Friday has now be coined “Bleak Friday” due to the shocking rises to the cost of living. Aside from the much publicised hikes in energy costs (up to  54 per cent in many cases), we have…

Top Tip: Take your Energy Meter Reading By March 31

30th Mar 2022

Take that energy meter reading now! Bill payers are being warned across the UK that they should be taking an energy reading ahead of this Friday. This should ensure you not being charged for the higher rates that are coming into affect from April 1. If you pay monthly and via Direct Debit your provider…

How Russia declaring war will impact our bills

25th Feb 2022

As Russia invades Ukraine, oil prices are edging ever closer to $100 a barrel: Russia is the world’s second largest exporter of oil, and claim that gas prices would double after Germany refused to open Nord Stream 2, a new pipeline from Russia. Russia and Ukraine make up 29% of global wheat exports, 80% of…

Ask Jasmine: What Exactly is Happening with Energy Prices?

17th Jan 2022

What exactly is happening with energy prices? With many of us feeling the panic and the pinch at the moment (years of pandemic really take their toll), the mass media hysteria regarding the impending increase in energy bills has come as rather an unwelcome piece of news. However, it is always worth equipping yourself with…