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Get Paid For Bedtime Reading

15th Feb 2023

Make money reading, Sounds like another dream job time: would you like to earn £1,000 to read for 30 minutes before bed each night?  In an attempt to find out how reading can impact sleep, experts are offering a grand to one lucky applicant. All you have to do is spend a month reading before…

Get Paid to Taste Test Garlic Bread

28th Sep 2019

Okay, this is another dream job opportunity especially for those who love themselves a nice loaf of garlicky goodness… The Job Domino’s Australia has just put out an advertisement for this truly key role. They are looking for a chief garlic bread taste tester. In their own words: ‘You butter believe it! We’re looking for…

Fee Vs Free: What you get when you pay for debt advice

6th Feb 2024

Sponsored post It should be said, straight-up, that if you need any help or advice regarding debt then contacting the right person comes first and foremost. Hiding away from it can cause even larger issues later down the line, so picking up the phone and making that call is a step in the right direction….

Get Paid to Walk

23rd Jan 2024

There are times in our life when we wish we could make money through some of life’s simple pleasures… like walking! Whether it is a passive income, or a main source, there are many ways you can make money walking.

Addiction, finances, and getting help

9th Jan 2024

Addiction is a widespread problem in the UK. From alcohol to sex, shopping to food, addictive behaviour causes destruction to relationships, careers – and finances. This is a comprehensive guide to help you recognise addictive behaviours in yourself or a loved one. We’ll show you how to address and overcome addictions, and make sure you’re…

Online surveys: easy cash for paid surveys

4th Jan 2024

Paid online surveys can help you make money while you’re in front of the computer. If you have some free time in your lunch break or a spare half an hour in the evenings, why not fill in a few online surveys for money? Paid surveys are simple, effective ways to make some cash, and…

Get paid to live abroad

8th Nov 2023

Population decline is a huge problem in various places around the world. When the citizenship of a country or region sharply falls, it can have a negative effect on both economy and culture of a location.  This has led to many towns and cities across the world offering funding schemes to newcomers who are willing…

Get Paid to Translate Online

25th Oct 2023

Did you know you could get paid to translate online? Translation services are an increasingly popular – and lucrative – job, so here’s what you need to know and how you could offer your skills in the translation process. Ever since the globalisation era began, the search for language skills has been on the rise….

Could Your Child be the Target of this Latest Money Scam?

4th Oct 2023

Children as young as nine are being turned into unwitting criminals by crooks using them to launder money in an online money scam operation.  As if cyberbullying, inappropriate content and online predators wasn’t enough for parents to worry about in this high tech age, now there’s a shocking new threat sweeping the nation.  Primary and…

Coeliac Disease Awareness Day: Gluten Free Food on a Budget

13th Sep 2023

It’s Coeliac Disease Awareness Day. At an event recently we were asked the best way to access Gluten Free food on a budget. Naturally this question got our research juices flowing. So here we present to you our guide to Gluten Free eating on a budget. The most important part of this article (you will…

Get Paid to Play with Lego

6th Sep 2023

Get paid to play with lego… LEGO enthusiasts now have the chance to make their dream job a reality and get paid for it! LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester is on the hunt for a talented individual to become their new Master Model Builder – a coveted role that aims to inspire the next generation of…

How to target £1,000 passive income for life

24th Aug 2023

Whether you’re seeking financial independence, early retirement, or simply looking to boost your regular earnings, a ‘passive income’ stream can turbocharge your chances of achieving these goals. In this article, we’re going to explain what passive income is, and give you some ideas. Keep on reading for all the details or click on a link…