3 Alternatives to Universal Life Insurance

Reading Time: 3 mins Universal life insurance offers lifelong coverage, but the death benefit and premiums are both flexible. You can reduce your premiums by lowering your death benefit or requesting a death benefit increase by paying more in premiums and potentially taking a new medical exam. These policies also come with a cash value growth component, which receives … read more

10 ways to avoid being ripped off by life insurance

Reading Time: 7 mins Life insurance is essential for many of us. If you have loved ones who would struggle to cope financially in the event of your death then it’s a necessary purchase. But it’s essential to make sure you’re not ripped off by life insurance companies when doing so. We don’t want to get too morbid, but … read more

Life insurance: how to protect your family

Reading Time: 10 mins If you have a family, or anyone else who depends on you, life insurance is crucial. Life insurance promises (in an insurance kind of a way – i.e. with conditions) that if you die, a sizeable chunk of change will be given to your family. This will give you the peace of mind of knowing … read more

Life insurance for over-50s

Reading Time: 2 mins It has taken a long time for insurance companies to accept that in many areas the over 50s are a good risk. Take car insurance – go to a comparison site that compares a host of over 50s car insurance. Another area where the over 50+ are courted by insurers is life assurance cover where … read more

How Much Car Insurance Coverage Do I Need?

Reading Time: 3 mins Learn About Car Insurance Policies Before You Apply Any type of insurance application can be stressful, but it’s necessary to figure out the process, especially if you want to save money. Finding car insurance isn’t just a good idea if you get into an accident – most states require you to have some form of … read more

Little Birdie: Subscriptions managed, money saved, life simplified

Reading Time: 5 mins This is a sponsored post on behalf of Little Birdie. A new year is upon us, with many of us making resolutions we hope to stick to for the coming 12 months and beyond. Resolutions range from doing more exercise to being better with money. If your resolution revolves around saving money, then we have … read more

Van Life: Is This the New Cost Efficient Living?

Reading Time: 3 mins What is van life? We must all at some point have questioned the wisdom of living in a house, taking into account the cost of rentals and mortgages, and wondered if there was a better and perhaps cheaper way to live.   For Marta Zaforteza, originally from Spain, that solution came while fixing up a … read more

The Government must postpone the National Insurance rate hike

The Government is still set on raising the National Insurance rate by a steep 1.25% in April, despite calls from all sides to postpone it because of the toll inflation is taking on consumers. I am one of the voices that is calling for this postponement because I consider that we are coming to a … read more

What Do Big Life Events REALLY Cost?

Reading Time: 11 mins We all know big life events can wipe out our savings – but if you know what they’ll actually cost, it’s much easier to create a plan to save up for them instead. Rather than being taken aback at each life stage, here’s how to be prepared! University First Rented Home First Home (Owner) Owning … read more

How to Boost Savings At Every Stage of Your Life

Reading Time: 6 mins Saving can be tough when times are hard – and it feels like times are always hard, these days! However, having a plan for a savings safety net is the best way to make sure you’ve got a little extra to fall back on when you need it. We’ve come up with ways to save … read more

7 Tips to Save on Car Insurance This Winter

Reading Time: 5 mins Car insurance is one of our biggest financial gripes. It’s one that often creeps up on us, and it needs renewing again before we know it… it’s not surprising, then, that lots of people are asking how they can save money on this pesky, and often hidden, expense. So, how can you keep the costs … read more

Make money as a life model

Reading Time: 5 mins How to make money as a life model – how much you can make per hour and where to get the work.

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