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Make money as a mobile manicurist

14th Sep 2017

Let’s just face it: we live in a world where spending hours at the beauty parlour is no longer an option. With jobs, kids, pets and social activities to attend to, we simply don’t have time. Enter woman’s new best friend: beauty treatments on the go! With an exciting range of nail treatments to choose…

Make money shopping around

15th Aug 2017

When it comes to beauty products, are you a Boots card collector or a Superdrug stasher? Many of us are, but research shows you should be neither as the best way to get a bang for your buck is to shop around and mix and match prices. Voucherbox.co.uk have identified 65% of women as being at risk…

25 wonderful ways to make money and save money this Summer

7th May 2017

Whether you’re planning a cheap getaway this summer or simply want to spruce up the garden we are showing you 25 wonderful ways to make money and save money along the way. Summer is here and the sun’s out… so lets get going!   June – Be happy and make money 1. Be happy this month….

Clear Your Clutter Day Campaign

13th Dec 2016

The Clear Your Clutter Campaign is a year-round push to get us all to make money, save money and gain freedom by de-cluttering our lives on every level. It has been set up by Jasmine Birtles, TV money guru and founder of MoneyMagpie.com. Jasmine says, “we lose millions every year by buying stuff we don’t…

How families can cut mobile phone costs

19th Jul 2016

Mobile phone costs are one of the biggest day-to-day expenses of having children, particularly as they become teenagers and want to use social media apps and talk to friends for hours. But there are a few ways you can cut the costs, particularly by buying secondhand, reconditioned phones as we show you below. You can also…

15 quick ways to make money by not wasting money

30th Mar 2016

We’re all guilty of it – the odd £3 coffee, the new clothes we don’t need, the overpriced branded products we could do without. Every day without realising it we are wasting money on little things that if saved could make us some serious cash. So lets make some money by not wasting our money…

Benefits for carers in the UK – Carer’s Allowance

13th Nov 2015

Across the UK there are 6.5 million people caring for a loved one who is older, seriously ill or disabled. Carers Rights Day, organised by Carers UK, brings together more than 900 organisations across the UK every year to help carers in local communities to know their rights. If you’re a carer there is financial…

Commute for less

3rd Nov 2015

It’s an unavoidable fact of life that we have to work. That means we also have to get to work, and the commute can eat up a fair whack of our hard-earned cash. But the key word there is ‘can’. In fact, there are ways to do it for less. Read on to learn how…

5 habits of successful savers

19th Oct 2015

Everyone wants to know the secrets successful savers have to make them rich in life. But there’s no secret to it – saving is all about living within your means and putting whatever is left over into a high-interest savings account. It’s simple really –  living on less is much easier if your money’s out of…

6 ways to afford childcare

18th Sep 2015

The bottom line is childcare is something most families need and the worry of how to afford childcare plays on many a parents mind. The older your child gets the more money you will have to spend on childcare. No more so than during those periods when you and your partner have to work –…

11 celebrities who have been to jail and come out the other side

10th Mar 2015

If you get thrown in the slammer, does that mean your career is over? Not for these celebrities, who are still very successful and very much in the public limelight, even after spending a couple of years in jail. If you’ve got a criminal record or you have spent time in prison at some point,…

Top 10 most popular dog breeds in the UK and the reasons we love them

15th Dec 2014

The Brits are a nation of animal lovers but it’s dogs with which we share an extra special bond. As we come up to Christmas you may be thinking about getting a new furry addition for your family. But before you do you need to think it through carefully. Rob Young, Head of Dog Rehoming at…