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5 ways to make money from empty Gin bottles

28th Sep 2021

With the British guzzling 75 million bottles of the juniper-based drink every year, Gin is well on its way to being an island favourite. But going through all those bottles means a lot of recycling, but instead of filling the bin, some creative people have been using their empties to make beautiful home accessories. Getting fully on…

Cryptocurrency: how to protect your pockets from rising number of crypto criminals

14th Sep 2021

It is Take Five Week (13-17 September), and Take Five to Stop Fraud is warning people to protect themselves against cryptocurrency investment scams perpetrated against unsuspicious would-be investors. We know that criminals are always looking for the next lucrative opportunity and search trend analysis, conducted for the Take Five campaign, shows there has been a…

Level up your savings and earn £10 with Chip!

10th Sep 2021

For some of us, our savings are looking a little bleak. No matter how hard we try to build up our wealth, our savings account remains stagnant. But getting serious about your money can seem daunting, and it may feel futile. Luckily, there is a helpful solution available. Enter Chip. Chip is the savings account…

The Big Exchange: the easy way to get into ‘impact investing’

10th Sep 2021

Are you keen to get into impact investing? That’s where you invest in companies that have a provably positive effect on the climate or on humanity generally. It’s something that people who are concerned about climate change, child poverty, health issues and more aim to do. In fact, there’s been a surge in people looking…

How to make money on Snapchat

8th Sep 2021

While you may think Snapchat is something that your kids do, or just another teenage fad soon to die away, in reality it can be a great money making opportunity for people of all ages with very little work and a lack of competition…for now. Most brands and businesses aren’t utilising Snapchat’s potential yet, so…

Make money selling personalised items

6th Sep 2021

We have all personalised products in our time. Whether you wrote your name all over your notebooks when you were younger, or put stickers on your backpack, we have all done it. But even today, personalised items are immensely popular amongst adults and youngsters alike. Coffee mugs and water bottles personalised with names are growing…

How Women Can Overcome the Pension Gender Pay Gap

24th Aug 2021

Women face a pension pay gap of almost 60% compared to men. When it comes to pensions, this pay gap can mean the difference of hundreds of thousands of pounds for retirement*. Why is there a pension gap between genders? A small improvement – and then COVID-19 Ways to close the gap Make sure your…

Industries in desperate need of workers

10th Aug 2021

Between Brexit and the pandemic, certain industries have lost hundreds of workers. Whether people left the UK as a result of the decision to leave the EU or they are having to isolate, there is a serious staff shortage in certain sectors. In May 2021, job vacancies reached their highest level since before the pandemic….

Earn 10% for LIFE with Swagbucks!

14th Jul 2021

Swagbucks is a popular and established website that gives you the chance to get free gift cards and cash. It’s a completely free service which rewards its members for doing certain things on the internet, including giving you the opportunity to make money with online surveys. These are things you’re likely already doing on a…

The big buy-to-let property hotspots in Britain

13th Jul 2021

A buy-to-let property offers an attractive way to grow your wealth. But where is the best place to buy one? If you want to make money as a landlord, think outside London. Cities such as Manchester, Newcastle, Liverpool, and Birmingham all offer great potential returns for buy-to-let properties. The regeneration projects in these areas, plus…

Get paid to make picnics

28th Jun 2021

Picnics have always been a firm favourite. There’s nothing like enjoying the Great British Summertime surrounded by your friends, soaking up the rays, munching on strawberries and cheese sandwiches. This year, with people being encouraged to meet others outside, picnics have become a popular and pandemic-proof way to catch up with loved ones. Out of…

DIY investing vs using a Financial Advisor: Which is better?

1st Jun 2021

Should you try DIY investing or use a financial advisor? Knowing whether to try DIY investing or use a financial advisor can be a crucial barrier to even beginning to look at doing something with your money. And with the rise of people dipping their toe in the investment waters during the pandemic there is…