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Faltering stocks and the end of cheap money: 3 Investing lessons we’ve learnt in 2023 (so far)

16th Jun 2023

As we approach the middle of the year we’re using the milestone as an excuse to analyse the performance of stocks, bonds and other assets over the past six months. So, what lessons have investors learnt this year? And is now a good time to reassess your portfolio? To learn the answers to these questions,…

Meme stocks to Crypto: Here’s what Gen Z are investing in right now

18th May 2023

Research suggests investing is popular among those born in the late 1990s to the early 2010s – otherwise known as ‘Generation Z’. But interestingly, it appears as though this generation isn’t overly interested in buying a typical FTSE 100 tracker fund, or investing in blue chips. In this article, we’re going to take a look…

Budget 2023: The impact on the stock market & pensions

23rd Mar 2023

On Wednesday 15 March, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt delivered his annual budget to Parliament. Changes to childcare and the extension of energy bills support have taken much of the limelight over the past week, but what about the impact on the wider economy and the stock market? Will the scrapping of the Pensions Lifetime Allowance really…

7 Investment Tips for Stock Market Beginners

27th Feb 2023

Looking for tips for stock market beginners? We’ve got your back! If you’re going to start investing in the stock market, there are a few tips that it would be useful to be aware of. Should you spread your investments, or keep them simple? What about ethical funds – are they worth investing in? Are…

Interest rates rise to 4%: Here’s how it’ll impact the stock market

3rd Feb 2023

On Thursday 2 February, the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee voted to hike interest rates by 50 basis points to 4%. This is the highest rate we’ve seen in 14 years. While the media often talks about the impact of higher rates on mortgage holders and savers, the impact on the stock market typically…

3 reasons why you shouldn’t wait to open a stocks and shares ISA

9th Jan 2023

Stash your investments in a stock and shares ISA and you won’t have to pay dividends, capital gains or income tax on any returns. This is why ISAs are often the first port of call for newbie investors. Yet the ISA tax-free wrapper is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Thanks to the cost…

The pros and cons of investing in blue-chip stocks

6th Jan 2023

Blue-chip investing refers to buying shares in mammoth, established organisations with proven business models. Blue-chip investments are generally considered low risk, and have a reputation for delivering reliable returns. This is probably one of the reasons why legendary investor Warren Buffet enjoys stocking up on blue-chips. However, buying shares in large companies isn’t for everyone….

YoungPlanet: The app helping parents fill stockings this Christmas

9th Dec 2022

YoungPlanet is making a huge difference this Christmas, to families on low incomes and those hitting hard times financially. The tech-for-good app want to change gifting this year. They’re making it easier for parents to treat their youngsters to the presents they deserve this holiday season. To do this, YoungPlanet is helping parents fill their…

How to transfer a stocks and shares ISA

11th Aug 2022

Do you have a stocks and shares ISA? If so, did you know you don’t have to stick with your existing provider until you’re ready to sell your shares? That’s because ISA transfers make it easy to switch providers without your investments losing their tax-free status. However, to do a transfer properly there’s an important…

How to prepare for a 2022 stock market crash

15th Jul 2022

If you’re worried about a possible stock market crash in 2022, here’s what you need to know and how you can prepare your portfolio.

What are penny stocks and are cheap shares worth investing in?

9th Jul 2022

Here’s all you need to know about penny stocks and shares. We’ll explain if these investments are actually cheap, popular options, and how to invest.

Webinar Summary: How to Invest in Stocks and Shares like a pro!

17th Dec 2021

Our founder and CEO Jasmine Birtles recently hosted a free webinar all about how DIY investors can pick stocks and shares like a pro. She was joined by Eyal Perry, founder of Aurora, the kind sponsors of this webinar, together with Justin Urquhardt-Stewart, who set up 7 Investments and Barclays Stockbrokers, and Bill Kay, former business…