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How to pick stocks and shares: Webinar summary

8th Nov 2021

In this webinar, our founder and personal finance expert Jasmine Birtles is joined by The Times columnist Bill Kay, David Henry from Quilter Cheviot and Paul Clifford from Sanlam. They talk all about how to pick stocks and shares and how to kickstart your career in investing. Investing in individual companies and funds is a…

Why you must start stockpiling

12th Jul 2021

Missed your bus? Caught in the rain? Long day at work? Then the British thing to do is put the kettle on and open a packet of biscuits. Comfort food can get you through anything. But what if your favourite coffee brand has been priced out of the supermarkets? Or all the delicious, rich, Belgium…

Stockpile for Brexit – Can It Save You Cash?

16th Dec 2020

As Brexit looms mere weeks away, the British Government is sending out messages along the lines of: “No need to stockpile before Brexit”. If there’s anything we’ve learned from 2020, it’s that, when we hear communications like that, we’re suspicious! Does that mean we SHOULD stockpile, really? Will there be shortages of food and products?…

Index-tracking funds: the easy way to invest in the stock market

17th Nov 2020

Index-tracking funds offer an easy, cheap and non-frightening way to invest in the stock market! Not only are they cheap and easy, but they actually make money (over time) and they’re recommended for people like you and me by Warren Buffett no less! Also known as ‘trackers’, this investment type is a no-fuss way to put …

6 Investments That Aren’t The Stock Market

13th Jul 2020

If you’ve got money to make long-term investments at the moment, you’re in a lucky financial position. You still need to be careful, though. With economies around the world preparing for a downturn in light of the coronavirus crisis, the stock market is unlikely to be the best place to invest your money for a…

Should I Buy the Dip on the Stock Market?

2nd Jul 2020

Due to the coronavirus outbreak we’ve seen some of the worst weeks on the stock market since the 2008 financial crash. Even the generally stable FTSE 100 suffered its largest one-day crash in March this year since 1987. That being said, when the stock market plummets it often actually proves to be a great time…

Coronavirus and the stock market: what should you do with your investments?

16th Mar 2020

Coronavirus and the stock market is all the news seems to talk about right now. It’s easy to start getting worried – but wait! “Should I sell my shares and ditch my pension?” is the question we’re hearing from readers all over social media. My answer is the same as Warren Buffett‘s: “Be fearful when others…

Stock market chaos: how it affects your pension

18th Dec 2019

Pension annuities offer a guaranteed income for the rest of your life – but did you know the stock market can affect whether you’ll get a great (or terrible) rate? If you buy at the wrong time, your retirement income could be significantly lower every year. So, how does the stock market affect pensions –…

How to Have the Best Picnic… On a Budget

12th Jun 2024

The world is an expensive place during the summer. Days out can add up to hundreds of pounds and even the most well-intentioned money-saving days out can end up spending more than we anticipated. But what about the good old-fashioned picnic? After a few basic expenses to make your picnic the most bougie affair, the…

Wondering Which Crypto Exchange To Use? Here’s Why I Like Coinbase!

12th Jun 2024

Sponsored post by Coinbase Cryptocurrency is quickly growing to be a popular investment for people who want to diversify their portfolios. In fact, an estimated 3.3 million UK adults invested in crypto in 2023 – and this is expected to go up! The key to investing in cryptocurrencies whilst they are undervalued is to join…

7 Common Investing Myths Busted!

12th Jun 2024

More than 3 in five people in the UK have no investments! This means that there are millions of UK adults who are yet to brave the market. One of the biggest barriers to investing (for many people) is the common misconceptions that people have about risks and eligibility. Investing myths are everywhere! And, they…

A Guide to Tax Efficient Investing in the UK

10th Jun 2024

One of the most frustrating things about investing is seeing returns accumulate in your portfolio, only to have to hand them over to the tax man! In the UK, you must pay capital gains tax on any profits that you make when you sell investments. The current rate of capital gains tax (CGT) is 10%…