How to transfer a stocks and shares ISA

Reading Time: 4 mins Do you have a stocks and shares ISA? If so, did you know you don’t have to stick with your existing provider until you’re ready to sell your shares? That’s because ISA transfers make it easy to switch providers without your investments losing their tax-free status. However, to do a transfer properly there’s an important … read more

Why women should invest in stocks and shares ISAs

Reading Time: 5 mins Investing isn’t just for men-folk! Women should invest too! Ladies are losing out on good money just by failing to put money into stocks and shares ISAs each year. The latest research shows that, on average, 21% of men have a stocks and shares ISA compared to only 13% of women. Perhaps more significant is … read more

Stocks and shares ISAs: how to pick the best

Reading Time: 8 mins As we always say, don’t be scared of stocks and shares ISAs! With a little knowledge and a willingness to take (even small) risks, an equities ISA can easily out-perform your cash ISA over the long-term. We’ve banged on about this in detail in this article – but the short version of it is this: … read more

Why a Junior ISA could be the ideal Christmas gift for your child

Reading Time: 5 mins This is a sponsored post on behalf of Wealthify If you’ve children, caring about their financial prospects is a natural parental instinct. Will your child ever afford to buy their own home? Will university fees continue to rise? With the festive season *almost* on the horizon, new research from Wealthify suggests opening a Junior ISA … read more

What is the FTSE 250 index and how do you invest in it?

Reading Time: 5 mins The FTSE 250 is a share index consisting of 250 companies listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE). The 250 is typically more volatile than its FTSE 100 cousin, and is often the index of choice for investors looking to put their faith in smaller, growing companies. So, why do you need to know about … read more

Make and save £500 a month for your ISA!

Reading Time: 7 mins Want to make and save £500 a month for your ISA? The tax-free allowance for the 2022 financial year is £20,000. So, rather than have your savings languish in an ordinary account, make the most of the tax benefits ISAs bring. In today’s low-interest environment, taking full advantage of your tax-free allowance is more important … read more

What is compound interest and how does the magic work?

Reading Time: 6 mins Want to learn about compound interest? Here’s everything you need to know about how it works, how to calculate it, and how you can use it to build wealth.

What is a dividend yield? 5 top UK shares paying a high income

Reading Time: 5 mins Here’s how a dividend yield works, along with 5 top UK shares paying high levels of income to shareholders who invest in these stocks.

What are penny stocks and are cheap shares worth investing in?

Reading Time: 5 mins Here’s all you need to know about penny stocks and shares. We’ll explain if these investments are actually cheap, popular options, and how to invest.

Free money: how to get your hands on it now!

Reading Time: 8 mins Free money. It doesn’t exist right? Wrong…well, you can get back money you didn’t know you had. That certainly exists. Millions of pounds-worth of it in fact! An easy way to make money is by looking for old accounts, lost pensions and missing assets. You might be surprised at what’s there for you. Plus, we’ve … read more

Stock and bond markets: what are they and how do they work?

Reading Time: 6 mins Here are all the basics you need to know about the stock and bond markets, including how they started and where to invest.

A complete beginner’s guide to alternative investments and art investing

Reading Time: 6 mins Here’s a complete beginner’s guide to alternative investments like art. Showing you other ways to invest outside of stocks, shares, and bonds.

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