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What will the new financial order be and how can you protect your cash

Cone and join me, Jasmine Birtles, and my expert panel as we look at the options for the new, global financial order and how it affects you.

It’s clear that the current financial ‘order’ cannot last and it’s only a question of time before our broken fiat currencies (pounds, dollars, euros etc) will need to be replaced by a new system.

But what should that system be?

What are the big issues that could break up fiat currencies?

What are the geo-political and economic issues that portend some sort of crash coming?

What type of currency could take over?

How can we protect the wealth we have through the coming turbulent times?

This event is FREE and has panel of knowledgeable and distinguished commentators to help us navigate all the above issues:

  • Cameron Parry, CEO and founder of TallyMoney
  • Jason Noble, CEO and founder of Inoneplace.com
  • George Maher, author of ‘Pugnare: Economic Success and Failure’
  • Gordon Kerr, CEO and founder of Cobden Partners

All of the above experts know that something new is coming and they are all working on solutions to protect our cash and keep governments and banks from stealing it from us!

Come with your questions, comments and solutions! There will be an opportunity for you to put them to our panel throughout the event.


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